Leeds United Crowned Football League Champions

18 Jul 2020 01:26 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The Barnsley game on Thursday was an excruciating ninety minutes of football. But the events of the past two days have made it all worthwhile as Leeds United are crowned Football League Champions without having to kick another ball following Brentford’s loss to Stoke.

Sixteen years, sixteen years waiting, watching, living, breathing and always loving Leeds United in second and third divisions of English football. Corrupt owners, chancers who if they lived a thousand years would never ever know what it means to be Leeds, gone and consigned to the worst period in our clubs history forever, good riddance. The misery of Bolton, Watford, Ipswich and Doncaster, the embarrassment of Histon and Newport behind us. Friday nights promotion felt like pay back for the fans for having to endure the last sixteen years of hurt, the relief and jubilation clear as the fans celebrated down at Elland Road.

But to be Champions, lifting the title is the icing on the cake, the deserved reward for everyone involved with the club. Now we have a club that feels like Leeds United again, supporters who stand together in love for the club, not in solidarity against its owners. Now we have an owner and board that don’t offer sound bites and platitudes and don’t have their greedy grubby thieving hands in the till, we have an owner and board that understand what makes Leeds United special and why! Now we have a manager with a vision shared not only by the supporters but by the players from the academy to the first team, players who will bleed for the cause and not hand in sick notes for a graze on their knee.

This is the reward for moving from South America to live in a bedsit in Wetherby, spending every waking hour analysing, planning, plotting about how to get Leeds United promoted. It is the reward for the weigh-ins every day, for losing more pounds than seemed humanly possible and for the murderball sessions. It’s the reward for investing your own cash to move the club forward rather than registering your holding company in the Cayman Islands, pretending you didn’t know who owned the club and loading the us with debt. It’s the reward for having to put up with Kevin Blackwell and Dave Hockaday, for cold Tuesday nights in the Johnstones Paint Trophy.

Finally, Leeds United have owners with the vision, the dream to recruit Marcelo Bielsa, with the pockets to back him (within FFP). Players with the heart and desire to do everything he asked of them, to meet his ridiculously high expectations and standards, to run mile after mile in pursuit of excellence. But ridiculously high expectations they have all set, overachieving in the first season of this project, averaging more than 85 points for the past two seasons. They may have faltered last year but it makes this achievement all the more deserved and in our centenary season as well! Radrizzani and Bielsa (hell everyone at the club from) have restored pride to this club, to this city, and his team, this special team have been a joy to watch.

Captain Liam Cooper will lift the Football League trophy, something which three years ago would have seemed completely improbably, now he joins Billy Bremner and Gordon Strachan who have held it aloft before him. He will be engrained into the history of this club forever. Marcelo Bielsa will be held in as much regard as Don Revie and Howard Wilkinson and deservedly so. This is for them, all the players, all the coaching staff, the management team and everyone at the club as much as it is for us, they have all done us proud!

FAO Wayne Rooney’s Derby County: Looking forward to the guard of honour on Sunday! ;-)