Leeds fans celebrate Championship in Millenium Square

19 Jul 2020 10:29 pm, by YorkshireSquare

As the Leeds United players celebrated their Championship title and promotion to the Premier League, thousands of fans descended on Millennium Square to party despite the Coronavirus pandemic. Fans had celebrated both promotion and the title win at Elland Road over the weekend following West Brom and Brentford’s losses but the final whistle in the game at Pride Park, the first since the accolades were achieved, prompted even bigger festivities in the City Centre. An estimated 10,000 people descended on Millennium where flares were lit, and songs were sung. The festivities were generally good natured though there were some clashes with police later on as they tried to clear the square.

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rab_rant wrote on 20 Jul 2020 09:01 am

There is an elephant in the room but everybody is so euphoric that nobody even notices it.

Let me preface this comment by referring to the novel Seven brothers by the Finnish author
Alexis Kivi... which was set when Finland was an agrarian society. The Government passed
a law which said that all citizens should learn to read and write, but the brothers loved to
hunt and fish and be in the forest and that was where their main interest was focused.
They tried to comply with the rules laid down by the government but it was too difficult for
them, and they escaped from the school to their beloved forest. They could see no benefits
from going to school, and reading and writing would not put food on the table.

Fourteen years later Mark Twain wrote about Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn and in that book
they help an escaped slave to obtain his freedom, which was contrary to the law which stated
that all runaway slaves should be returned to their masters. It appears that their consciences
overrode what was demanded of them by law.

Now the UK government during this pandemic has made certain edicts for the health and
welfare of the populace, and most of the country has been under lockdown and have observed
social distancing, and on this forum there have been more than a few members who have
castigated others for not observing the lockdown laws, yet when United are now promoted
as champions, and they observe the joyous chaotic abandonment in Millenium Square, and all
the rules and laws that they have staunchly upheld being broken, then there is an ominous silence.

Radrizzani pleaded in an open letter that the fans stay away from ER, and act responsibly
for their own sake an others. This was ignored. Very few fans were wearing masks and the only
people who did wear masks were the police and the marshals and stewards.

Being promoted as champions is a historic event and it deservedly needed to be celebrated,
and from the wild scenes at ER and Millenium Square it is apparent that there was an inner compulsion,
call it awareness or conscience, that there should be some sort of commemoration of Leeds being promoted
to the premiership... but this begs the question how does other football clubs, the rest of the county,
and even the world, view the disregard for the strictures laid down by Mr Johnson.

This may very well be a historic tipping point not only for Leeds promotion, but also for how people view
the corona pandemic.

The elephant has left the building.

Rab "pissing on everyones parade" Rant