Top 7 car rental charges to avoid in Dubai

14 Aug 2020 02:47 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located in the United Arabs Emirates in the Middle East, Dubai has grown to become a city for luxury and excitement. From the well-polished cars to the well-furnished hotels, the city of Dubai is built to provide a high level of comfort, excitement, entertainment and fun to the residents of the city and millions of tourists that visit the city yearly. Dubai city is the ideal holiday destination for everyone.

Car Rental Dubai has become popular in recent years because most residents and tourists in the city opt for rental cars as a cheaper alternative to buying the luxurious cars that are sold in the city. Also, car rental services in Dubai have proven to be more comfortable, convenient, reliable and cheaper than the public transportation systems that are available within the city. Many residents and tourists rent a car daily, weekly, monthly and yearly from Rent a Car Dubai.

It is the desire of every person using car rental services to get an affordable car rental deal. However, certain charges can increase the cost of renting a car in Dubai. Therefore, if you are renting a car in Dubai, you must try as much as possible to avoid these seven charges to get a good car rental deal. The charges include;

1) Extra charges
Rent a Car Dubai normally collects extra charges from persons who fail to return a rental car at the expiry of the car rental deal. In car rental companies, these charges are collected at a particular rate. If you keep a rental car for too long, the extra charges that will be demanded from you will be very high. When renting a car in Dubai, one of the charges you must avoid are the extra charges, and you can avoid this charge by returning the car immediately to the car rental company at the expiry of the car rental deal.

2) Fuel charges
It is the policy of most car rentals that a car renter must re-fill the tank of the car before returning it to the car rental company. When you want to rent a car at the car rental company, you will be offered some fuel charges that will serve as the payment for the re-fuelling of the car. When you are presented with this offer, do not accept the deal because some of the car rentals use their own fuelling rate which is higher than the normal rate of fuel in a fuel station to collect these charges. To avoid paying these charges, refill the car yourself before returning the car to the car rental company.

3) Upgrade charges
At a car rental company, a car rental agent can offer a car to you that has some considerable specifications that is better than the car you choose. However, this car upgrade is offered at a charge that is higher than the cost of the car you choose. When you want to use the services of Car Rental Dubai, to avoid spending money do not accept the offer of a car upgrade.

4) Insurance charges
Some insurance policies are normally included in the terms and conditions of the car rental company. However, to provide insurance cover for the rental car, Thrifty Rent a car can offer an insurance charge for you. In some cases, these insurance charges which are always high may contain some insurance cover you do not desire. To avoid these charges, employ the services of a private insurance company to provide the insurance cover of your choice for the rental car.

5) Car accessories charges
Car Rental Dubai offers some car accessories like GPS devices, children seats and many others to persons that want to rent a car in Dubai. However, these car accessories are rented out to persons at a particular charge. Using these car accessories creates more expenses which is not desirable for anybody that is renting a car in Dubai. To avoid paying the car accessories charges, you must seek for alternatives to satisfy your need. For example, instead of renting the children seat every time you are renting a car, you can buy the seat and carry it in your car, saving more cost and expenses.

6) Admin charges
Several charges are collected by Car Rental Dubai for providing services like GPS installation, changing of tires, charging of car batteries and general car maintenance. The admin charges that are collected by the car rental company are high sometimes. To avoid these charges, you can consult an external professional car servicing company to provide car services for you at a cheaper rate.

7) Toll charges
Toll charges are collected as taxes at toll gates by Dubai authorities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of every driver in Dubai to pay these charges at the routes that have toll points. However, to avoid these charges you can avoid the routes that have tolls by selecting the ‘’avoid toll’’ option on a GPS device.

In summary, Rent a Car Dubai has helped to provide a convenient and comfortable transportation medium for millions of residents and tourists in Dubai. These car rental services are offered on a short term or long term car rental. However, since it is the desire of every person that wants to rent a car in Dubai to get an affordable car rental deal, he/she must avoid some charges. This article is highly recommended for you at any time to avoid some charges that can increase the cost of renting a car.