Ian Rush exclusive: Leeds have to become clinical to survive and thrive in the big time

11 Sep 2020 07:13 pm, by YorkshireSquare

If there is one man who knows about not being clinical for Leeds United, it’s Ian Rush. Despite his legendary status at Liverpool he scored just three times in thirty-six wearing the white shirt. So maybe he speaks with some experience on this matter. Ian Rush, speaking exclusively to 888Sport says Leeds have to become clinical to survive and thrive in the big time;

“I am absolutely made up for Leeds. I played with them for a year and I know they are a big club with fantastic fans. At one stage I was worried they might blow it again but the manager stayed calm and kept the team calm and they got what they deserved. They are back in the big time now and that is great for Leeds United.

I don’t see enough of them but I’ve got friends who tell me on their day they are absolutely fantastic. The problem they might have though is that you can miss chances in the Championship and get away with it. You can’t in the Premier League. Leeds create many, many chances but miss them. They’ve have to take them now.”

Patrick Bamford took some flack last season for not being clinical enough but ultimately his goals helped fire Leeds United back to the Premier League. Despite the concerns over his conversion rate Rush says Patrick Bamford must be given a chance to prove himself in the top flight;

“He is now moving up a grade. It’s like a racehorse going from a group two to a group one race. Bamford definitely has something but you don’t know for sure until you get there. He gets chances so he is doing something right but taking those chances can be the difference between Leeds surviving or getting relegated. He needs to be given the opportunities to see what he can do.”

Whilst Leeds have made some ambitious moves in the transfer market including the signing of Spain’s number nine Rodrigo, Rush thinks a mid-table would be a very good season for Leeds;

“The three teams that get promoted are normally the favourites to get relegated. Sheffield United went a long way to changing that. They did really well.

At the top you have Liverpool and Manchester City. Then you have Tottenham, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United. Below them are teams like Leicester and Sheffield United and Everton now have money to spend as well. So those teams will be looking at breaking into the top six.

I don’t think Leeds will get relegated though that’s their first job this season. To stay there and work on that. But I think they can finish below that group I mentioned: tenth or twelfth and that would be a very good season for them.”

Read the full 888sport interview with Ian Rush here.

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Mally White wrote on 12 Sep 2020 07:42 am

Well said Mr Rush I couldn't of put it better myself. If we were to finish in the the top 10 or 12 it would be a major success many of us fans are not over expecting, just to keep up this season would more than suffice. The first half at Highbury we took Arsenal apart. Like you said we've got to be more clinical, we should of finished that game off before halftime when they came out in the second half and played the spoiler tactics they killed the game and got a goal however untidy which personally I was happy about. Gaining promotion was much more important than silverware as is staying up this season we can chase the silverware thereafter. The big difference between Leeds United and the other clubs is that we are a family were as the other Premiership clubs rely on overpaid premadonna's. Bielsa is clever. He's signed players that already know what is expected from them and if they don't join the family they simply sit on the bench. People continually ask what is so special about him and I simply say it's because he's got the players respect. Can you name any other professional manager from any division anywhere in the world that is going to live in a flat above above a shop (which by the way worries me because although he's totally improved facilities at Elland Road and uses public transport with his bus pass) he hasn't personally settled, he could up and off at anytime and look what happened to Man United when Fergie left.