Unless anything dramatic changes no further transfers

16 Oct 2020 07:37 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Friday 16th October, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Unless anything dramatic changes - no further transfers

Phil Hay has been speaking ahead of the domestic transfer window which will close at 5pm today. The former Chief football writer for the YEP has told Leeds fans that unless something dramatic changes, no to expect any more transfer activity!

Much of the speculation about Cantwell is being driven by his agent. The club are aware that they need another midfielder (which is why they lined up Michael Cuisance) but with the domestic window into its final day, a further addition is not expected.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, meeting Marcelo Bielsa’s requirements is difficult as only deals with EFL clubs can be done" (even if Sibley and Cantwell are decent matches). Second, Leeds have already committed £100 million to this window and they were never going to splash out heavily unless they were 100 per cent sold on a particular target. As much as I see the scope for a No 8 or a No 10, maybe a bit of financial prudence makes sense.

So, should we see more signings in January?

Leeds are more and more reluctant to do business in January, because of the challenge of finding players who are ready to go immediately under Bielsa.

Hay addresses Leeds fans who have forked out hundreds of pounds on season ticket renewals

With no end in sight as to when fans will be allowed to attend matches again, Phil Hay has been swamped by Leeds supporters asking the Leeds Utd journalist what is happening with their money they have invested in season tickets?

This is a subject Leeds and other Premier League clubs are going to have to address at some stage soon. The reason for the delay in providing clarity is that the division was hoping to be able to have its stadiums at least 25 per cent full by the end of this month". "You may remember the statement Leeds published on their website in September preparing for a ballot-style system to allocate seats. The worsening of the pandemic has wrecked those plans and nobody can say if or when crowds will return to games".

Most Premier League sides are continuing to hope that it will happen this season — but between them, they are sitting on millions of pounds of season ticket cash and, because of TV broadcasting rights, they are not even able to offer free streams as compensation". "Put simply, they cannot just bank the money without offering something in return. This will reach the point of reckoning before long.

Imps win the race to sign Gotts on loan

Lincoln City have won the race to sign Leeds Academy player of last season Robbie Gotts. The highly rated midfielder needs first team football, and Imps Manager Michael Appleton will provide that. Both clubs will speak again in January to access the situation. It was thought that Gotts would stay in Yorkshire, but Hull withdrew their interest having recently signed Regan Slater from Sheffield Utd.

Chris Powell opens up about Crysencio Summerville

Former Charlton and Huddersfield Manager Chris Powell has opened up to the Yorkshire Evening Post about Leeds exciting new winger Crysencio Summerville. The experienced ex-left back enjoyed a 23 year playing career including 663 appearances, and five for England. ADO Den Haag Manager Alan Pardew bought Powell onboard last December (along with Paul Butler) in a bid to save the Dutch side from relegation. It was there that Powell and Summerville developed a close working relationship.

I struck up a really good rapport with him. You could see the raw talent he had. He’s only tiny, he’s like five foot nothing but he’s got wonderful balance.

One v one is his strength, against players. He’s quite a free spirit out on the wing, in a good way. He’ll excite you, he’s a bag of tricks, there’s some talent there, it’s just how it’s harnessed and what the coaches demand from him. “He’s played for the Under-18s and Under-19s for Holland so he’s well thought of in Dutch football.”

The individual skill that made him an exciting player to watch, someone who liked to go past defenders, also made him one of ADO Den Haag prime sources of creativity. The 18-year-old boy was a go-to man.

It was a hard, difficult situation he was in because the team was struggling and they were relying on him to be the one that unlocked teams. You could see he could do it but the team was going through a very tough spell.

He played games, he will have learned a lot from the experience. Losing did not come easily to the youngster, however. He cared, That was one good trait I felt he had. He was someone who really cared about the game.

You could really see that when we didn’t win, which was often. He wanted us to be better. I suppose that impetuous side of being a young player, you have to learn all these things off the pitch, in the dressing room, they come over time.

I would think they’ll give him time to assimilate. His English is okay, not great, it’s okay, but his talent isn’t in doubt. I’m sure if he’s okay in regards to communication and understands what’s wanted and they understand how he is, he’ll be fine. When you go to a new club you have to find your peer group, who you settle with and who helps you. That will be important for Cry because he’s 18, he’s still a young man. Going to the professional ranks has happened quite early for him.

He will have to learn how Leeds want him to play, in the 23s, and take it on board. It’s an exciting signing but whether he’ll be involved in the first team I’m not so sure yet. “Marcelo does put some young players in, it’s a small squad so over the course of the season we might see him in the 18. I hope going to Leeds United helps him to keep developing.

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Smudge3920 wrote on 30 Oct 2020 07:58 am

IMO this is one we do not need... For various reasons...

https://motleedsnews.com/fans-view/exci ... ce-in-jan/

1964white wrote on 16 Oct 2020 09:39 pm

hector wrote: Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:29 pm I can't tell you what my nickname is for him :shock: :shock:

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andrewjohnsmith wrote: Fri Oct 16, 2020 5:49 pm
I think Orta did the Berardi deal today on purpose. It give fans a little good news and distracts those who would bemoan us not signing a 20 million championship player.
Orta has had an excellent day with his open letter to Douglas and signing Berardi for one more year. It may not be obvious to some, but this is excellent management skills in keeping moral up. Players will see these two things and know that they are all part of the team and know Leeds will do them a solid. A happy team is a good team.

andrewjohnsmith wrote on 16 Oct 2020 05:49 pm

No new signings and I'm OK with that. No need to be wasting money on potential gambles. We've got a good identity and core group of players. We could sign better ones, but it would be more problematic to shake up the core too quickly.

I think Orta did the Berardi deal today on purpose. It give fans a little good news and distracts those who would bemoan us not signing a 20 million championship player.

Good luck to Robbie Gotts. One of my favorite players in the youth system. Love his energy and work rate. Hope he makes it.

gessa wrote on 16 Oct 2020 04:58 pm

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