Leeds fans tell Premier League to stick their PPV and donate to Leeds Fans Foodbank instead

21 Oct 2020 07:48 pm, by YorkshireSquare

So far this season fans have been able to watch every Premier League game via their existing subscriptions to Sky Sports and BT Sport, with the odd game free to air on BBC One. But the new Premier League pay-per-view plans mean that fans will have to fork out £14.95 to watch some their games live, including Friday’s clash between Leeds United and Aston Villa. For a lot of supporters already paying for monthly TV subscriptions in the region of £50 and with season ticket refunds not forthcoming, this is bitter pill to swallow.

With the cost of watching live matches set to double does the latest move show how out of touch with reality the Premier League is? In these difficult and uncertain times there is no doubt the clubs have pressures on their revenues, but supporters are feeling the squeeze too. Furlough and redundancies mean that the fans have financial pressures too. Most fans will have no issue with the clubs trying to reclaim some money by charging fans to watch live games, as we did during the climax of the Championship season via LUTV, but at nearly £15 it is a stretch too far for some fans.

The lockout from Elland Road has also meant that the Leeds United Supporters' Trust have been unable to run their regular foodbank collections at games. The Trust works with two local foodbanks via Leeds Leeds Fans Foodbanks, with the aim of collecting food items at every home game. With fans unable to attend games their campaign has moved online, with fans able to donate funds to help the foodbanks buy additional supplies. With many fans appalled by the cost of the games some have decided to boycott Sky and BT Sport and donate the cost of the pay-per-view pass to Leeds Leeds Fans Foodbanks instead.

The campaign has seen over 500 Leeds fans raise more than £9,000 for the foodbank funds since Monday with donations still flowing in. Supporters from several other clubs who have featured in pay-per-view matches including Aston Villa, Burnley and Manchester United have also been raising thousands of pounds for local food banks with Newcastle United fans donating over £20,000 to the city's West End food bank rather than pay to watch their match on Saturday evening.

So if you want to take a stand against pay-per-view, and can afford to do so, why not listen to Noel and Popey on Radio Leeds and donate the cost of the game to Leeds Fans Foodbanks via their JustGiving page? After all #leedsbringmore


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1964white wrote on 22 Oct 2020 07:00 am

rich_leeds64 wrote: Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:24 am They’ve just received my £15 and the current total of over £41,000 shows you how many people feel the same about PPV. Well done LUST
£41k....brilliant Rich & well done LUST

rich_leeds64 wrote on 22 Oct 2020 06:24 am

They’ve just received my £15 and the current total of over £41,000 shows you how many people feel the same about PPV. Well done LUST