Top 4 Soccer Prediction Formulas To Help You Win The Dealer

01 Nov 2020 03:23 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Football has always been considered the king sport and has the greatest attraction in the world. In particular, the predictions and judgments of players or football betting experts always create an attraction that is difficult to deny. However, not all people think it is the same. To easily choose a delicious handicap in each match, please refer to our calculation formulas below.

Why do we need a soccer prediction formula when playing handicap? If you are an old player, surely you know that the house wants a large community of players. They are ready to complete statistics with the most detailed information about the national championships data. Looking at these data, we can calculate the results with 80% accuracy of the next match result.

Formula of score rate
Each team needs to earn 3 points after each match to get a high position on the rankings. However, this score cannot evaluate the relationship of strength between teams. Online casino at W88 Club gives players the same authentic experience as playing at a real-life casino by investing in extremely modern Livestream technology. Along with the huge number of games, surely W88 online casino is a must-have choice for gambling lovers.

Apart from this difficulty, we all understand that no team can play at home for a long series of consecutive matches. Playing at home or away also affects a lot. So this is the time when we need to apply the formula to calculate the score to find a good match for us.

Formula of performance score
The above odds formula may be partially correct in a game with lots of differences. However, very few teams have maintained an impressive performance throughout the tournament. There will be times when a big man falls into crisis and loses unexpectedly like Arsenal or Man Utd recently. So we will use the performance score formula to solve this problem.
The information that we need to find out is in the last 4 - 6 matches. Why is that? Because if you choose an odd number of matches, the host and away matches are not divided equally. If you choose the last two matches, it is not possible because it is too close and there is no possibility of a change of style. When choosing eight matches, the old matches are too far away and difficult to correct.

Formula for calculating performance score
  • HW: Home win - 3 points
  • AW: Away win - 5 points
  • HD: Home draw - 1 point
  • AD: An away draw - 2 points
  • HL: Lose at home - 0 point
  • AL: Lost away - 0 point

Formal weight score formula
We have found the ups and downs in each of the teams, thanks to the above formula. However, what should I do if I want to calculate the team's current form? If we apply the above formula to AC Milan and Inter Milan (Milan won the first two games, lost the last two games; Inter lost the first two games, won the last two matches), then we have a balanced score. But looking at the reality, Inter Milan's form is much better.

The formula for calculating the weight of performance:
First, calculate your performance score as usual. Then multiply the result of the last match by 4. Multiply by 3, 2, and 1 for the remaining matches (the last four matches apply). In the end, you add it all up to get a performance weight score.

However, experts recommend players to use these two formulas in combination. In the formula for scoring performance, we see an overview of the long series. With the form of performance weight, we grasp the form right then and there. Each recipe has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The formula for goal difference score
In the most recent matches, the team that conceded little scored many goals often has a very high chance of winning. The players who watch football betting all know this. The formula for calculating the difference is very simple and works as below.

The formula for calculating the goal difference score:
The goal difference against the home team is subtracted from the difference between the goal difference and the away goal. The result is a positive number. The upper bet is the host and vice versa. If close to 0, the two teams will be equal.

The above are highly accurate soccer prediction formulas that players should learn. Football is an exciting sport, and many surprises are waiting for us. We hope you succeed in applying the bets you place to get the highest amount.