Marcelo Bielsa's Secret Weapon

02 Nov 2020 04:50 pm, by YorkshireSquare

What do John McEnroe and Martina Navratilova have in common besides being tennis players... well they are both left-handed, and there is a theory that this gives them a distinct advantage when playing against right-handed opponents. People have suggested that Bielsa has a secret weapon in that very many players on the Leeds team are left footed. In particular Patrick Bamford favours his left foot, while there are others like a Rodrigo who can play well with both feet.

Players who favour their left foot have inverted brain hemisphere functions, which gives them an extra dose of unpredictability. The wizardry of the likes of David Silva, Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Diego Maradona and Ryan Giggs, amongst many others, would appear to back up this theory.

So when you look at Patrik Bamford for his third goal against Villa, there he is surrounded by four players and somehow miraculously he does a little shimmy, wiggles his left foot, and the four Villa players are mesmerised and rooted to the spot like rabbits caught in the head lights, and then with them completely immobilised he slots the ball into the top left-hand corner of the net with his left peg.

If we need more proof that Bielsa is using southpaws as a secret weapon, we only have to look at the series of passes that resulted in Bamford’s first goal against Villa. All the passes were one touch passes with the left-foot from Bamford to Shackleton to Rodrigo to Alioski to Harrison to Rodrigo who shoots, and Bamford who started off the move has miraculously got up into the six-yard box to stroke the ball home. An Aston Villa fan remarked that Leeds play like dogs on speed... they are so tenacious and determined.

I fully expect that Bielsa has given a two-hour Power point presentation on the advantages of being left footed, and they now use that information to exploit weaknesses in any team they face... I wonder how many Leeds players are now thinking I would give my right leg to be left footed.

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