Rodrigo tests positive for Corona Virus

04 Nov 2020 08:42 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Wednesday 4th November, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Rodrigo tests positive for Covid 19

Rodrigo has tested positive for Covid 19 according to the Spanish Internationals social media account. The versatile striker was sidelined for Mondays game against Leicester, after coming into contact with somebody with the potentially life threatening disease. Speaking from his Instagram account, the 29 year old said...

Unfortunately I have tested positive for COVID-19 after being in contact with a family member that had been infected without us knowing.

As per the protocol I will be self-isolating and will miss the game with Crystal Palace.

Both my family and I feel great, we are lucky enough to feel healthy and we are keeping a positive attitude. From home I will support Leeds and the Spanish National team as a supporter and I will be back on the pitch soon.

Rodrigo should be available for the visit of Arsenal after the International break on November 22nd.

Bielsa - I don't want Bouy anywhere near Thorp Arch

Marcelo Bielsa has told the Leeds hierarchy that he does not want Ouasim Bouy anywhere near Thorp Arch. The 27 year old outcast was signed back in 2017 by Victor Orta when Thomas Christiansen decided the former Ajax and Juventus youngster was worth taking a punt on, especially as a free transfer. Unfortunately,

Unfortunately, the defensive midfielder has not made a single appearance for the Whites, whilst he is still picking up his fat pay check. Bouy's contract runs out at the end of the season, and in the meantime is training back in Holland. According to Phil Hay, Leeds are in discussions with the player to pay up his contract, effectively ending his three year relationship with Leeds.

Radrizzani hints at further investments

Andrea Radrizzani has revealed that he is in talks with several parties about investing in Leeds United. The Leeds owner currently values the club at £300m, but if they can find success at home, and in Europe, that figure could triple. Radrizzani said...

Something that I always want to consider is if the partner is the right partner, [someone] I feel comfortable with, and that supports my vision, my strategy, and gives us the opportunity to continue our growth with more resources.

We are having discussions with several interested parties. Some of these have been good friends for a long time and want to help me to reach my goal. When it’s the right moment and the right terms, we can progress with these discussions.

Radrizzani is good friends with Paraag Marathe, the owner of the San Francisco 49ers They already have a 10% stake in the club, and are keen to invest more.

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Lumiukko wrote on 04 Nov 2020 05:33 pm

Rodrigo: Big pity and hope he doesn't lose match sharpness. Positive (pun not intended) is that he may miss the international which

Internationals: Should be put on hold, or at least the friendlies/nations league games.

Bouy: Waste of space. Should be ashamed of himself picking up a decent wage for naff all when many families are struggling during these dark economic times.

Investment: Hope Radz is careful with whom he selects. The more I read into 49ers, and also see what other American sport franchises are up to ("Big 6 proposal") the less I want any of these American sports venture funds being involved in the British game.

This must be the most agreeable breakfast debate ever? :)

Cjay wrote on 04 Nov 2020 12:03 pm


Its a shame, he had just been getting in to his stride to, big loss vs Leicester. Picture of him getting his hair done the other day, makes you wonder.


Will go down as one of the most confusing and yet obvious LUFC transfers ever. A fraud of a footballer who shone a bit a very long time ago. Pretty obvious this is down to Radz trying to create some good will with Mino Raiola. Now we cant get rid of the fecker (and bet he is on a decent wage to, seen £5-10k mentioned for doing naff all).


Always good to have more cash especially in these difficult times. Anyone but the 49ers as others have said.


Should be cancelled, its ridiculous that they arent. The world going back into lockdown but footballers being flown all over the place to play international matches hardly anyone cares about?

Smudge3920 wrote on 04 Nov 2020 11:16 am

1964white wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:13 am Smudge, yesterday you were knocking me for making a jokey remark about Tyler Roberts
OH dont recall mate but...couldnt have been that funny then if I didnt larf now could it Leon ... :lol:

1964white wrote on 04 Nov 2020 11:14 am

weasel wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 10:58 am Heck since lockdown I have dressed up as Tyler Roberts so as to watch the games live. Don't think anyone has noticed.
:rol: :rol: :rol:

I think it's funny, some won't be amused :roll:

1964white wrote on 04 Nov 2020 11:13 am

Smudge3920 wrote: Wed Nov 04, 2020 11:05 am:rol:

Smudge, yesterday you were knocking me for making a jokey remark about Tyler Roberts