Things you need to know before playing Blackjack

02 Dec 2020 05:21 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Before you play Blackjack, there’s a few rules and regulations that you should take into consideration. With Blackjack being one of the most-loved casino classics of all time, it’s no wonder that so many people are now flocking to grab a piece of the action! Sound like something you’d like to join in with too? Well, read on as we take you through some of the basic rules and need-to-know aspects of the beloved game.

  • Both the dealer and the players will be dealt two cards. The dealer will have one face up card and the other face down, whereas both of the player’s cards will be face up.
  • When it comes to the cards’ values, a card’s suit has no value in Blackjack. Face cards count as a ten, and the ace can be considered as either one or 11 – depending on what total would be more beneficial to your gameplay. The total of any hand is simply the sum of the numerical card values added together.
  • Players will have to decide whether to stand, hit, surrender, double down or split after each round.
  • The dealer will usually act last, and be required to hit on 16 or less, and stand if they possess a title of 17 through 21.
  • To win, a player must hold a hand which equals higher than the dealer’s, or hold 21 or less when the dealer goes bust. (FYI – to go bust is to exceed a total of 21)

Hard and Soft hands
These are terms that you’ll often hearing when playing Blackjack, but you might not necessarily understand what they mean. A Hard hand includes any hand that either doesn’t contain any Aces, or the Ace it does contain must be counted as a one. For example:
  • A hand of 10 and 8 will equal a hard 18.
  • A split hand of five, ten, two and an Ace will also be a hard 18. The Ace has to be counted as a one, otherwise the total would be 27.
A Soft hand is the term for any hand that contains an Ace that’s being counted as 11. For example:
  • An Ace and a five will be counted as a soft 16.
  • An Ace, two and five will be a soft 18.
If you find yourself holding an Ace as one of your first two-card hand, then it will automatically be counted as 11. It’s a lot more likely to be dealt a soft hand, that later converts into a hard one, depending on the moves you choose to make as the game progresses.

Layout and Design
Although you may not be planning on physically sitting down at a Blackjack – in favour of sitting at home and playing online – the general layout and design are likely to be the same, or thereabouts.

Blackjack is usually played on a semi-circular table, which is then covered with a felt cloth. On this cloth will be several outlines areas, to help keep gameplay in order. There will be a circle, or occasionally a square, in front of each player, in which they place their wager, in the form of colourful casino chips. In general, these tables will sit up to seven players at a time, so if you play online, you’ll definitely be at an advantage, in the sense that you won’t have to wait for a seat to become free!

We hope that you’ve found this short guide to be helpful. Why not test out your newfound knowledge and see if you’ve got what it takes to beat the dealer!