Leeds destroyed at Old Trafford

21 Dec 2020 08:42 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Monday 21st December, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road.

Leeds destroyed at Old Trafford

Leeds were taught a lesson in clinical finishing yesterday afternoon as the red roses of Lancashire ran riot over the White roses of Yorkshire; leaving Leeds with the unwanted statistic of being the only club in the Premiership to concede 30 goals!

Having only won once at home all season, many Leeds fans were expectant of at least a point, and why not? They only managed to scrape a lucky 3-2 wins against the Blades and Brighton, not to mention a 1-0 win over West Brom.

Even after the embarrassing loss, Bielsa stood tall, refusing to abandon the way Leeds play.

In the first half we had similar chances to the ones they had but we weren't able to score. Our attacks came from combination play and their attacks came from the fact we were losing the ball in attacking positions, and they would transition from defence to attack. Our return was slower than their transition.

We could have come back throughout the game. There were always opportunities to come back into it. In the second half we played on an even keel until the 80th minute. After that they created chances easier than we could. We fought all game - that's an obligation.

Are Leeds in real danger if they do not invest in January?

Dan James enjoyed a rare outing for the Reds, having gone down to third choice at Old Trafford. How did his performance compare to our wingers?

Will their 'only one way to play' become more of a problem as the season progresses, and fatigue sets it?

I'm not saying that Leeds would not have got promoted last season, but I do believe the three month break benefited Leeds more than any other Championship team last season. It allowed one of the smallest squads in the league to have complete rest, and recharge their batteries for the final finale. Do you agree?

We have to remember that Bielsa has spent upwards of 130 million over the last coupe of seasons. Would you have expected a more accomplished starting XI?

Post Match reaction

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weasel wrote on 21 Dec 2020 06:23 pm

Cjay wrote: Mon Dec 21, 2020 3:49 pm i do worry mentally. Its easy to keep faithful to a style as a player if you are winning games, how about if you arent and you know that you will be tasked with marking a more talented individual every week and if they get past you the whole system falls down? that must be mentally draining.
I don't really see that as a large part of this team were with us when we were getting beaten week in week out under Heckingbottom. They will be honest enough to know that some weeks we could get d*cked this season. Plus we have had bad runs in the past couple of years, think 10 points from 11 games last season (7 defeats in 11) yet then bounced back to win a few in a row, similarly started with a defeat after lockdown that had fans going into meltdown before reeling of something like 7 wins and a draw. They have more of a mental toughness and it isn't like last season where every defeat could be crucial, especially in the run in. We are in a situation where we could lose half our matches and still comfortably survive. For me this is part and parcel of this team, the ability to bounce backand trust in the process, Bielsa didn't panic when we had that terrible run last season, he didn't start chopping and changing the team. The team was on a terrible run and then conceded that soft goal to the big danger team Brentford, many teams would have crumbled but we responded right there on the pitch and played Brentford off the pitch.

Richard wrote on 21 Dec 2020 06:20 pm

Second best in every position, not a single Leeds player would make that Man U team. It’s our first season back, I guess we shouldn’t expect miracles. If we had someone like big Sam in charge we’d be rock bottom.

rab_rant wrote on 21 Dec 2020 05:16 pm

A Scotsman giving praise to Bielsa's team and their attitude towards football.

John in Louisiana wrote on 21 Dec 2020 05:11 pm

A little perspective here............

Of all the newly-promoted teams of the last five years, only Sheffield United last year had more points (19) through fourteen games than our 17 so far this year.

We took a beating yesterday, and it was administered by the worst possible side, but that game is now in the past. How we respond to it will be the true test.

White Riot wrote on 21 Dec 2020 04:58 pm

Anyone heard any news about Liam Cooper's injury? :duno: