Leeds fans should not be too disheartened by Spurs loss

02 Jan 2021 07:21 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Saturday’s game felt like a bit of a free hit in many ways. Leeds United have had a successful festive period taking 9 points from a possible 15 having beaten Newcastle, Burnley and West Brom so anything taken from Spurs would have been a bonus. Fans will never enjoy a loss, but it isn’t a result to be too disheartened with. Certainly, up until the second goal Leeds were controlling the game and creating the most chances. At half time I there was still a feeling we could get back in it, but the third goal frustrated us, and you could see errors creeping in.

Against an established top team like Spurs, it's all about fine margins. On the Amazon Take Us Home documentary Luke Ayling spoke about how all the players felt after the Nottingham Forest game, and Marcelo giving them confidence by pointing out the stats to them; that they were still playing well even when they were losing. That is still the case here but teams like Spurs and Manchester United with £700 million squads will mercilessly take advantage of any errors.

Bielsa’s system works because it creates enough chances to win the game; that is what Bielsa wants. He never pans the players when it doesn't happen, because he knows they aren't machines, and they can't always execute their roles without error. It is still better to risk those errors in pursuit of domination and chance creation. Better teams will punish our openness, but over the course of the season we create enough chances and score enough goals to reach the highest position of which the team is capable.

If changing it would improve our chances over the course of the season, then Bielsa would do so. He doesn't, not because he is stubborn, but because he sees the bigger picture and the long game. He also knows that players develop and improve by being given the confidence to play beyond their presumed capabilities. He sees the potential, and manages according to that, which is why he been able to bring about such a phenomenal improvement in the team that he took over.

Leeds United are learning, and still building, it will come. Leeds are exceeding the expectations of most, yet still people aren't happy. Buckle up, enjoy the ride, and trust the driver.

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Ken Jarvis wrote on 02 Jan 2021 08:56 pm

Pity we can't trust the match referee and VAR to do their jobs. It was a disgraceful penalty for a challenge that happened outside the penalty box. I wish the club would make an official statement on VAR as it has SCREWED us on numerous occasions this season & that has to STOP NOW because it is a bloody joke