Pep and KDB contract negotiation news

11 Jan 2021 05:25 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Josep Guardiola has signed a new contract with Manchester City. The Spanish success coach will now stay on board with Kevin De Bruyne's club until the summer of 2023. Pep Guardiola has been with Manchester City since 2016, but the Spaniard's contract would expire at the end of the current season. By extending Guardiola's contract now, the club immediately suppresses any speculation about the future of the coach.

"Guardiola's passion and philosophy are now woven into our way of playing football and into our club culture. We share the view that we can achieve a lot together, both on and off the pitch," says driver Khaldoon Mubarak. "Pep's contract extension is a natural consequence of the path we are taking together. There is a lot of mutual trust. I am convinced that the supporters, like us, are very happy with this news". Guardiola himself is also delighted. "I have felt very welcome here from the beginning. We have achieved many things together that we can be proud of", says the Spaniard. "The support I feel here is the best you can have as a coach. I have everything I need here to do my job".

"The challenge is to keep making progress and I am very happy to be able to contribute to that". During his time with Manchester City, Guardiola has won the national title twice already. Under his care, the club also won 3 times the League Cup, twice the Community Shield and once the FA Cup. The great ambition of both Guardiola and Manchester City remains the Champions League. The new deal might even entice Messi to join the sky-blue.

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KDB will be negotiating his own contract

Kevin De Bruyne will be based in Manchester City until 30 June 2023. Both parties are getting together to tie up for a few more years. The talks have started and it's striking: De Bruyne is conducting them himself. His agent has been with him since his days in Germany with Wolfsburg.

After the break with his manager Patrick De Koster, De Bruyne is his own manager and seems to be ready for the task. This is how he told Jan Mulder at VTM in the run-up to the interland between Belgium and England on Sunday evening. Mulder wanted to know from De Bruyne about the state of negotiations for a new contract. According to rumours spread in recent weeks, De Bruyne would sign up until 2025 and become the best paid player in the history of City. But it has not come that far yet.

De Bruyne: "I still have a contract for 2.5 years. We are chatting a bit at the moment, but we are not far in the talks yet".

"Do you do that with a battery of lawyers or do you do it yourself?" Mulder wanted to know.

"I am conducting the negotiations myself," De Bruyne replied a little shyly. "In this situation that is possible, because I would like to stay with City. If I want to leave City and City wouldn't want that, then that's a situation in which you do need someone to mediate". "There will be no difficulty in the negotiations, and that goes for both sides. We are not like that.

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