Win, lose or draw everyone is talking about Leeds United

14 Jan 2021 10:06 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Sixteen years Leeds United were out of the top flight but still they sang about us. When the old foes across the Pennines from Merseyside and Salford met you could hear “We all hate Leeds” drifting along the terraces. They told us we were falling apart, they said we weren’t famous anymore but they still sang, they held a place in their hearts for the hatred of Leeds United. When it looked like we could be promoted in Marcelo Bielsa’s first season the excitement was clear, even the official Manchester United website published articles about the potential return of Leeds United to the Premier League.

Now, we are finally back where we belong, in the Premier League and they can’t get enough of us. We are exceeding the expectations of a newly promoted side, defying the bookies including Gtbets, with safety nearly secured halfway through the season. The clickbait sites and rent a gob, Gabriel Agbonlahor I’m looking at you, TalkSport all love a Leeds United story. They know it will be talked about it, they know it will bring in the visitors and the listeners. We may have been away for half a generation but everyone still loves talking about Leeds United.

When we win the pundits rave about our style of play, extol Bielsaball, our high tempo and our beautiful goals. Even Roy Kean says nice things about us, which is odd! Lose and they say we are naïve, say we should change our ways if we want to succeed in the Premier League. Win or lose they all still talk about us! There are those that admire Bielsa, there are those who can’t comprehend all the praise he receives even when we lose. Fans of West Ham and Chelsea can’t understand why when their teams are above Leeds in the table, everyone is still enthusing about Bielsaball. It eats them up inside as they fall asleep watching Moyes or Lampard ball!

Leeds United have been a breath of fresh air this season. They have set about the Premier League just as they did the Championship. With no fear, a desire to take the game to anyone. The purists of the modern game love it, it’s exciting, it’s exhilarating, a joy to watch. Gary Neville and Gary Lineker have raved about our performances and style. With goals aplenty at either end of the pitch Leeds United are box office, Sky TVs pick, first up on Match of the Day. But for all those who love Leeds United being back in the top flight we have ruffled a few feathers too, shown a few people up!

Marcelo Bielsa has proved that you do not need to park the bus to survive in the Premier League. The likes of Steve Bruce have been shown up for what they are, dinosaurs whose only tactic seems to be to bore the opposition to sleep. Fans of a lot of teams in the Premier League are wondering why they have to put up with dull football week in week out when Leeds United can excite and entertain and still succeed. Loves us or hate us, admire us or loath us, everyone loves talking about Leeds United!