Greatest Ever Leeds United Players

15 Jan 2021 02:36 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Leeds United have one of the richest histories in terms of English football due to them being one of the largest clubs in England. Although Leeds United were a English power house back in the 70’s, they are now back in the top flight of English football for the first time in 15 years and will be looking to try and dominate English and European football once again. Due to their rich history though, we thought today we’d look at some of the best players to ever pull on a famous Leeds United shirt.

First of all, we cannot create this list without talking about the greatest ever footballer in with white roses history that is Billy Bremner. Bremner was more than just a footballer for the Yorkshire giants, he was a talisman that many young footballers should look up to and was certainly a hero for many. Bremner was the captain of the United side that seen them won titles and cups back in the 70’s and fully stamped his authority in the history of the club. If you asked any Leeds United fan who was the greatest footballer in their history, 99% of them are naming Billy Bremner – this is documented very well in the film Damned United.

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A close second, but unfortunately not quite on Bremner’s level would be Eddie Gray. Although Gray didn’t have the presence and leadership skills of Bremner, he fully made up for this as he could be dubbed as the most gifted player to ever play for Leeds. The Scotsman was an unbelievable winger back in his day who would glide past players with ease, and many rated him to be as good as George Best back in his hayday – certainly a good comparison.

Of more recent times, David Batty would be our final player to put in the top players to ever play for Leeds United. Batty was the perfect midfielder than any manager would want in their side as he would be a sinister menace in the middle of the park and his aggressive tackling style made him a fan favourite. Not only that, but he also had skill with the ball at his feet and would be able to pick a pass out of nowhere.