Is Pablo Hernandez’s time at Leeds United coming to an end?

05 Feb 2021 08:24 am, by YorkshireSquare

Good Morning. It's Friday 5th February, and her are the latest headlines from Elland Road…

Is Pablo's time at Leeds United coming to an end?

If there was one good thing Garry Monk did it was bringing Pablo Hernandez to Leeds United. Ever since he arrived at the club in August 2016 he has been at the centre of everything good Leeds United have done. Talismanic over the last two seasons, his goal against Swansea will go down in history as the one that really secured our promotion back to the Premier League. But things have not been so easy for him this season.

Limited in starts this season due to injury and competition from Rodrigo the Leicester game in November appeared to be a key moment in the season for Hernandez. Bielsa too exception to the Spaniard throwing his black armband into the crowd and he did not feature again for four games. Since then game time has been limited, twenty minutes here, ten minutes there.

With rumoured interest from CD Castellón (a team Hernandez is co-owner of alongside former Valencia teammate Ángel Dealbert) this January, is Pablo’s time at Leeds coming to an end?

Does Adam Forshaw still have a part to play this season?

Adam Forshaw has told the My Conversations With The Pope podcast that he hopes to play for Leeds United this season as he looks to put his injury nightmare behind him – having spent the best part of the 18 months on the side-lines. He did not give a specific timescale in which he would return, he did state that he is hopeful he will play against this season, describing his spell on the side-lines as having been “horrific”.

It’s going good but obviously it has been hard for me. I’ve got to be careful what I can say because the club will want me to do an exclusive when I am fit, sooner rather than later. The manager said a couple of nice things. He said it won’t take me long to get back up to speed because I look after myself. I’m hoping that I can still play a part this season. It’s been horrific.

Do you think Forshaw has a role to play this season? Can he step up to the Premier League after 18 months on the side-lines?

Is VAR leading to a consistent tampering with the laws of the game?

Leeds United’s return to the Premier League has means out first full season with VAR. Wednesday’s game was all the better for not being interfered with Stockley Park but Leeds have had their fair share of issues with VAR this season, just ask Patrick Bamford! Leeds United Chief Executive Angus Kinnear had plenty to say about the issue in his programme notes for the Everton game…

Whether it’s Manchester City scoring a goal which is 20 yards offside because Tyrone Mings has the audacity to attempt to clear the ball or it’s Southampton’s Danny Ings scoring a perfectly good equaliser, if it were adjudged by the spirit of the game, only to be denied by a geek over a hundred miles away frenetically trying to align his cross-hairs with an a*se and an elbow while simultaneously demonstrating that he doesn’t know one from the other.

The trend towards consistent tampering with the laws and their interpretation, overalled with the dubious benefits of increased technology, is a worrying one. It is important that we don’t allow our rule makers to damage both the spirit of the game and its ability to entertain by solving problems that only they perceive.

Do you think VAR is leading to a consistent tampering with the laws of the game and their interpretation? Does it bring any benefit at all or should we just scrap the whole idea?

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Smudge3920 wrote on 10 Feb 2021 08:14 am

‘Finished’, ‘He’s done now’ – These Leeds fans not happy after fresh injury news
By David Woods -9th February 2021 at 4:33pm

Pablo Hernandez was left out of the Leeds United squad for the game against Crystal Palace on Monday night. After the game, manager Marcelo Bielsa confirmed that he had suffered another injury that he picked up in training It’s the latest bump in a real stop-start season for Hernandez who has only made two starts for his club in the Premier League.
For a player who fans hailed as the single biggest contributor to the promotion run-in, this would have been almost unthinkable in the summer. However, many fans are now getting the feeling that his time at the club is coming to an end. Hernandez was linked with a move to Spanish club Castellon in January and they’re going to try again in the summer when the attacker moves into the final 12 months of his Leeds contract.
Hernandez was born there, co-owns the club, and still has friends and family there.
It seems like the obvious move and while Leeds fans would have hoped it happened at the end of the 21/22 season when his contract runs out, we think it could well be brought forward a year.
Rodrigo – also out injured at the moment – has been playing in one of Pablo’s positions this season and Raphinha the other.
Both are ahead of Hernandez in the pecking order, as is Tyler Roberts and Ian Poveda currently. Joe Gelhardt was on the bench yesterday and he’s likely to be ahead of Hernandez next season.
There’s no room for sympathy in any club, especially one going places like Leeds, but if Hernandez does leave without a send-off from fans it will be a tragedy.

Leeds1000 wrote on 06 Feb 2021 06:30 pm

Gandalf wrote: Fri Feb 05, 2021 5:41 pm Pablo

A legend - his goal at Swansea still gives me goosebumps, even though he scuffed it into the net. It was the goal that dispelled 16 years of agony. Unfortunately it seems that Marcelo feels, for whatever reason, that his time is coming to a close. My hope is that once we have secured our place in the PL (which we surely will) that Pablo and some of the youngsters will be given more minutes, and hopefully there will be people in stadium to give Il Magico the send off that he deserves. I am sure that there is still some magic left in those feet
Agree with that Gandalf. I still can't help think there is a little residue left over from the incident when he was subbed off. Has far as i am concerned the players coming off the bench are not fit to lace Pablo's boots. You can't replace a footballing brain like Pablo for people running around like headless chickens. It does unfortunately seem like Marcelo is phasing him out slowly by not picking him. I think i heard someone say he has another year left so i hope he chooses to see his contract out personally.

lufc1304 wrote on 06 Feb 2021 01:59 pm


He has been magnificent for us and we have no-one to replace him (Roberts must have compromising pictures of Radz, Victor or Marcello!) but, at 36, it is unreasonable to expect him to produce the same magic against younger, fitter and technically more proficient Prem players. I would like to see him start a few games, see if he can boss for an hour but I think we have to accept that time, more so than anything else, is against him. Hope he stays in a coaching capacity, but if he goes, he goes as a modern day legend for us. The best player we had in our time outside the Prem.


Get rid. Nice lad, popular around the club apparently, but he hasn't played in nearly 2 years and I don't think many of us saw himas Prem material anyway.


Load of shite, ruining the game. If it's here to stay, then I'd like a cap on it's use in games. Perhaps 2 per half for each side, plus a further 2 for the ref. Human error is part of the game in every other aspect, save the tech for the truly contentious, not that someone's man bun was a millimeter off

Smudge3920 wrote on 06 Feb 2021 09:12 am

So much for "No room for sentimentality".

Ron Swanson wrote on 06 Feb 2021 08:57 am

As for Costa... he’s completely lost it. If there’s a deal to be done in the summer, move him on.

He isn’t going to displace Raphinha or Harrison, and will be on first team wages.

Even if we lose £5m or more, we won’t be paying his wages for the next 3-4 years.

Poveda needs to eat a few kebabs. And learn to pass the f**king ball.