Why Should You Play at the W88 Online Gaming Platform?

17 Feb 2021 10:29 am, by YorkshireSquare

Online gambling sites are more and more popular because it is not only a source of entertainment but also offers the opportunity of winning money. However, choosing an online platform to play online betting is of paramount importance and it is easy to get confused when it comes to choosing an appropriate betting site.

This article is going to show you why you should play at the W88 online gaming platform. 9 reasons why you should play at the W88 Online Gaming Platform

1. It operates legally

W88 bookmaker was established in 2007 by Marquee Holdings Ltd with its headquarters in Makati City - the capital of the gambling industry of the Philippines. It is recognized and licensed to operate legally by the professional betting management organization Philippines First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (FCLRC), a regulatory body that is operating in the Cagayan Special Administrative region.

The FCLRC requires every betting firm to have a valid license before it is allowed to operate. This is to ensure that all bookmakers remain impartial and objective. Thanks to the fact that W88 has been recognized and operates legally, it has successfully expanded and gained large market shares in many foreign countries.

2. The website has a user-friendly website interface

When getting into the website, you can see that W88 online casino has a modern website with a very user-friendly interface. For example, every group of games has a designated area which makes accessing various sports and games quickly and conveniently. This also makes it very easy for online players to navigate around very effortlessly.

So, the platform is not as complicated and confused as some other online betting websites that have a clustered interface.
Besides, the site supports almost all languages in Asia and you can easily create a new account with just 3 simple steps. So, it only takes about 2 minutes to register for a new account.

3. You can play on your phone

In addition, W88 makes sure players can play online betting on the go. Players can also access the website W88 from browsers on their phone or tablet. The website is fast, responsive, and compatible with all kinds of mobile systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

If you do not like playing on your phone’s browsers, you can download the betting W88 app which is available on both Android and IOS devices. The app also is designed with a beautiful interface to meet the betting needs of players on smartphones.

When betting on a mobile phone, the player's benefits are the same as that of playing on a desktop. This is the reason why this app is widely used by players in Asian countries.

4. You can watch live streams while playing betting

Another great feature of W88 is that it offers live streams. They are mainly Asian sporting events, but there are also some popular games from mainstream sports and leagues. With this feature, you will still follow your favorite matches live while can play casino games.

5. The helpful support team are always by your side when you are playing

Finally, W88 has enthusiastic and professional support team members which are available 24/7 on many different channels such as Zalo, Skype, online chat on the website, etc. And all of your questions and difficulties will be answered and dealt with in no time.

So if you are playing and having any problems arising in the game, please contact them immediately for quick support.

6. Users can experience diverse betting products

W88 provides a wide range of online betting products such as sports betting, casino games with innovative technologies. Thanks to applying advanced technological innovations, W88 is known as one of the most reliable online casinos in Asia.

With the mission of providing players with the best games and services, W88 always places great importance on innovating their games and improving the quality of services.

7. Numerous attractive promotion programs

The online casino always has regular bonuses and promotion programs for both new members and longtime members. The promotion W88 offers is extremely attractive. It can be up to 100% when the player deposits the first time. For example, if you deposit $200, you will receive $400.

As for the old members who have trusted and used the platform for a long time, there are also many promotions and thank you rewards programs for them.

8. Fast transaction with many banks

The fast and convenient transaction is also a great experience when betting in W88. The platform links with many banks in many countries in Asia, allowing online players to deposit and withdraw money quickly with high limits.

It only takes about 5 minutes for your money to be deposited into your account and approximately 10-15 minutes for withdrawals.

9. High security

Security is a critical feature in the betting community because most platforms out there are set up with the intention to steal the information of betting fans. Therefore, it’s always advisable to play on a platform that has been accredited by relevant regulatory bodies.

When it comes to W88, both the website and mobile application are built by world-leading technology experts. So, W88 has the highest security with a modern technology platform, multi-tier encryption, timely detection, and prevention of hackers to secure the information of players. All of this is to guarantee that players feel secure to bet on transactions.

Additionally, it also has technicians who perform regular checks on the system to monitor and solve any problem that is arising. The servers of the company are also regularly serviced to ensure top performance.


The above reasons have given you an overview of the leading online gaming platform in Asia and answer the question why W88 Online Gaming Platform is the best gaming platform for you. So, if you are choosing a platform for online betting, do not hesitate to create a new account on W88 and experience these outstanding features.