United Revolución - A visual documentary of all things Elland Road and Leeds United

19 Feb 2021 03:26 pm, by YorkshireSquare

We are nearing the one year anniversary of football fans around the country being locked out their clubs stadiums due to the Covid 19 pandemic. For many not being able to attend live football has been devastating.

For one city and its fan base this period has been especially difficult. A former great of the English game, Leeds United Football Club had languished in the lower leagues for 16 difficult and turbulent years. During the pandemic the club and their fans achieved their long awaited goal. A resurgence from the doldrums, gaining promotion as champions and their first season back in the Premier League. Unable to truly celebrate this period has been particular difficult without their huge and loyal fan base being able to celebrate and witness these achievements at their famous Elland Road Stadium after such a long period without success in the game.

Born out of a desire to record this period Leeds-born professional photographer and avid Leeds United fan, Justin Slee, has brought together two of his biggest passions to create ‘United Revolución’.

United Revolución is a visual document of Elland Road football stadium captured between 2018-2020. It focuses on the ground and the fans that bring it to roaring life and the city of Leeds itself. This is a story of football as community, as family, as memory and as passion. The essays accompanying the images inside are glorious testament to that. It is also about the change, rebirth and new hope that has bloomed under the stewardship of enigmatic Argentine head coach, Marcelo Bielsa through difficult times.

When Bielsa arrived in 2018, there was a new lease of life for the team, the club and its supporters. As a lifelong Leeds fan and a professional photographer, Slee wanted to document this revolution so he started taking pictures at and around Elland Road and the city. When the pandemic resulted in the stadium closing its doors to fans last year, he decided to bring together all the moments he had captured so far, and take some more current images to show how the rituals around matchday had changed. The idea of the United Revolución book was born.

By speaking to a number of fans and with the images, Slee has documented what being a Leeds fan means, how important it is to be part of the club and how matchdays and being a fan shapes their lives. Elland Road is a place where you invest your time, passion and emotions for life. A stadium where parents take their children, then those children grow up and take their own children, and so it continues. The club creates an environment where friendships form, through experiencing defining moments together. Leeds United becomes the focus for so many people to share joy, despair, laughter and tears.

The timely release of the book aims to lift the spirits of supporters who are missing the togetherness aspect of football due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, congregating to experience the beautiful game and be entertained at the ground of Leeds United Football Club. This book is a positive celebration of the fans the ground and these traditions to its city.

United Revolución is priced at RRP £18.50, and is available from: