Top 10 football rules that you probably didn’t know

13 Mar 2021 02:58 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Football rules are the basis for the matches to be played fairly and consistently. In other words, this is the most common language of those who love the king sport. This competition rule system is applied in all countries around the world. All players, coaches, referees, and fans need to be aware of these rules. However, you may never have heard of these 10 football rules. Even if you are an avid football fan and regularly watch live football daily (truc tiep bong da) because they are very little used in a regular football match.

Top 10 football rules that you probably didn’t know

1. The ball bursts on the way into the goal, the goal will not be counted

The lawmaker states that the ball must be in good condition at all times when it is scored. If the ball explodes or becomes defective, the game must be paused to replace a new ball.

In the Champions League, there was a situation where the ball exploded but the goal was still recognized. It’s maybe because it was too difficult for the referee to know the ball exploded and the player did not even know this law existed in that situation.

2. Yellow card for an illegal celebration remains valid even if the goal is disallowed

If you score a goal and take your shirt off to celebrate but the VAR rejects the goal, you will still have to receive a yellow card because the celebratory action is invalid.

According to lawmakers: this is because even when the goal was rejected, the impact of this action on the audience remained the same as if the goal was rewarded. So, try to be calm if you get a yellow card even if the goal doesn't count.

3. You can be sent off before the match even starts

This rule was just introduced in 2016 to prevent any offences.

If a player takes any stupid action before the game starts, the referee can completely disqualify him from playing in the match. Bad behaviors can be: cursing the referee, insulting teammates, hitting fans.

In November 2017, player Patrice Evra, playing for Marseille (France), launched a kung-fu kick on the fans in the head. The referee immediately drew a red card for Evra before the kick-off.

4. In a penalty shoot-out, the number of players allowed to take penalty kicks must be equal for both teams

To put it simply, if, in 120 minutes, Team A has a player with a red card, then there are only 10 players left for the penalty shoot-out. Team B, even though no one got a red card, is allowed to have only 10 kickers. This means that a player from Team B is automatically disqualified for the penalty shoot-out.
In the 2006 World Cup Final between France and Italy, for example, legend Zidane (France) was sent off and an Italian player was disqualified for penalty kicks. You can guess which Italian player is eliminated. The answer is midfielder Gennaro Gattuso who played the entire 120 minutes but was not allowed to stand with his teammates in the shoot-out stage.

5. The match can start with only 7 players per team

We all know a football match has 2 teams with 11 players for each. But if before the match, your team suddenly had a technical problem, you can start the match with just 7 players. 7 players are the minimum number to start the match or for a match to continue

This rule also means that a team can only receive up to 4 red cards in a match. When the 5th player is sent off, the match is automatically stopped. Note that this rule does not apply to bench players. It’s fine for all of them to receive the red card, as long as there are 7 players in a football team on the field.

6. Attackers are not allowed to be closer than 1m from the defensive wall

This is the law which has officially come into effect since 1st June 2019. When the fence contains three or more A-team players (the team to receive the free-kick), a player from team B is not allowed to stand less than 1 meter from the fence.

According to the lawmaker, team B standing in the fence of team A often causes many difficulties for the referee to control the order, leading to a waste of time.
There is also no specific evidence proving that team B players have more advantages when standing in the fence of team A.

If a player from Team A detects that Team B has sneaked into the fence, he is free to report to the referee.

7. You can't score an own goal from an direct free-kick or throw-in

In fact, a player who takes an direct free kick or throws a throw-in straight into the goal (the ball does not touch anyone) will not be scored an own goal. In this case, the opponent will be awarded a corner kick. But if the ball is touched by any other player or the goalkeeper before going past the goal line, then a goal will be recognized.

However, this is a rare case that very few spectators have the opportunity to experience.

8. The team that wins the coin toss can choose to take the kick-off or which goal to attack

Previously, the team that won the coin toss was only allowed to choose the pitch. But now, they can choose to take the kick-off or choose which goal to attack.

9. In penalty situations, the goalkeeper must not be touching the goalposts, crossbar or nets - they must not be moving

The referee will not allow the player to kick the 11-meter kick if he detects that the goalkeeper touches the post or crossbar to threaten the opponent's morale. The rule is true, but it is rare for the referee to delay the shot because the goalkeeper hits the post.

10. Goalkeepers can hold the ball for a maximum of 6 seconds

After catching the ball, the goalkeeper must release it to the match in some ways within 6 seconds. This law is not always followed seriously. The goalkeeper can just bounce the ball after 6 seconds and doesn’t have to pass or release it.

If being found holding the ball for a long time, the goalkeeper can take a yellow card or the keeper's team would receive an indirect free kick.

And finally, that’s the 10 strange rules that a lot of football fans don’t know about. How many rules from the list that you know? To keep track of the matches to be effective, you also need to add the above small rules to your knowledge source. There are many rules that are changed or supplemented to suit the current situation of football. Update football news regularly at tructiepbongda site to catch the fastest football situation in the country and the world.

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