Phillips Value Continuous to Soar

29 Mar 2021 07:58 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Monday 29th March, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Phillips price tag continuous to soar

Kalvin Phillips won his sixth International Cap for the three Lions yesterday teatime producing another very tidy display. The 25yo played 71 mins before being substituted for James Ward Prowse. His combative style of play led him to 4 ball recoveries and winning five duals. Yet again, his passing was sublime, completing 93.1% (54/58) and sixty six touches.

What has that done to his price tag? As we know, Villa tried to steal Phillips away during the Summer of 2019, and only the wise words of Victor Orta put a stop on the 30m transfer. Almost two years on, Leeds have cemented their place in the top flight, and Phillips is an England regular! The three most expensive transfers in the top flight are;

Harry Maguire (Leicester to Manchester United in 2019) – £78million.
Raheem Sterling (Liverpool to Manchester City in 2015) – £57million.
John Stones (Everton to Manchester City in 2016) – £50million

Although unlikely to leave Elland Road anytime soon, how much would he fetch in today's market?

Relaxing FFP rules may lead to more outside investment

Finance guru Kieran Maguire has discussed UEFA's decision to contemplate relaxing FFP rules regarding expenditure, and the impact it may have on Leeds Utd. Under current legislation, clubs are permitted to spend £3.9million more than what they earn. The assessment is made over a rolling three-year period. The debt can rise up to £35m if the shortfall is covered by an owner. Although Radrizzani's wealth is quite modest compared to others, investors may be ken to take advantage of Leeds success!

Leeds have done remarkably well on relatively modest spending because they have relatively had a good team in the Championship. Radrizzani has a limited amount of wealth compared to the likes of Abramovich and so FFP being lifted wouldn’t hugely benefit them.

However, Leeds are an attractive proposition to investors and it could be that Radrizzani could sell off some more shares in the club. We’ve seen the investment from San Francisco 49ers and they could be looking at more of a finance-based model in terms of club development.

You could now have alternative investors who might have been wary of investing in a club with the stature of Leeds because they know that it comes with a limit in player-based spending as a result of FFP. They are a very interesting investment opportunity and this increases the appeal.

Leeds have the 4th lowest valued squad in PL

A recent article in the Sun have placed the value of the current Leeds squad at 147m. Whilst many may be pleased compared to the position we were in a couple of years ago, lets consider that Bielsa spent almost a 100m last Summer. Since then, Bamford has become a goal machine in the top flight, Phillips is fulfilling his potential as an England regular, Raphinha has been highlighted as bargain of the season, two International centre backs and massive potential between the sticks! Thoughts?

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andrewjohnsmith wrote on 29 Mar 2021 07:46 pm

For me, and most here KP would be a key part of the England role. He plays that DMC role better than anyone. I think Southgate would pick Rice first and probably Henderson second. But yeah, KP should be first choice. The injuries might have just held him back a touch this year. As for value, I'd say 40 million is a low ball right now. But when it comes to Scum, Citeh, or the Scousers, we know they pay stupid money. Sincerely hope it never happens and KP retires at Elland Road.

No surprise we're valued so low. We're basically still a championship squad with 4 signings this season that we didn't spend stupid money on. It's crazy when you look at how many players Fulham signed and how far behind us they've fallen.

rab_rant wrote on 29 Mar 2021 11:18 am

The football Moguls know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.

There are some things in football that you cannot buy or put a price on.

Intangibles that you cannot measure or even pay for.

How do you measure Bielsa magic?

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mothbanquet wrote on 29 Mar 2021 10:17 am


No surprise there, and may I also express my continuing gratitude to Our Victor, whose roles not only includes securing new talent but also keeping our existing talent at the club exactly as he did with Kalvin.


Considering current rules favour only the super-rich clubs, relaxing them can only do good things for us. After all, there is a limit to how much even oil sheikhs and Russian oligarchs will pump into a club so letting the rest of us catch up will be massively beneficial.

Squad Value

Can't be too surprised, I mean we only just got promoted after all. :)

Byebyegeegee wrote on 29 Mar 2021 09:43 am

Re Phillips, neat and tidy again if unspectacular, as indeed were England. Difficult to play against a well organised 10 man defence - you just have to do enough to win, which England did.

Not surprisingly, as it currently stands, Leeds are the most over achieving team in the league being 6 places higher than their squad value would suggest with Leicester and West Ham 5, and Burnley 4 places better. Liverpool are 6 places worse than could be expected with Newcastle 5 places and Wolves and Fulham 4 places down. Overall, not surprisingly but in my opinion quite depressingly, there seems to be an inevitable correlation between the amount spent on the squad and the position achievable in the league, which effectively means that, even with Bielsa as Manager, we would need to be spending 3/4 of a billion pounds to have a chance of getting amongst the front runners.

This level of spending can only be achieved over a sustained period in the division, say at least 5 years, so it seems that for the foreseeable future we may have to settle for and be happy with mid-table finishes. Unlike the good old days (last time we were promoted to the top league) when we won the 1st division championship after just 2 years.

Chilli D wrote on 29 Mar 2021 09:10 am

Kalvin has fitted into the England setup seamlessly and looks a certainty to go to the Euros now.
Whether Southgate will play both him and Rice at the Euros remains to be seen but Kalvin seems to moved up the pecking order in front of Winks.