Gamestop vs betters: does this tool really affect UK gambling fans?

22 Apr 2021 12:10 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The first talk about artificially restricting gamblers' access to gambling appeared in the early 2010s. Representatives of the state and ordinary citizens of Great Britain advocated forcibly prohibiting gamblers from placing bets or spinning machines. As a result, already in 2016-2017, the first attempts to implement the Gamestop system appeared. This tool allows players to independently limit their participation in gambling for a certain period. Those who cannot cope with emotions and adhere to the principles of responsible gambling can apply and block themselves in licensed bookmakers and casinos.

You can find verified and official online casinos using an aggregator site, which publishes detailed information about each casino. Also on it you can find non Gamestop sites where blocking of users is not practiced.

How Gamestop can help

In practice, the use of Gamestop will be useful for those who realistically assess their addiction to gambling. For example, gamblers have “flashes” when they cannot stop making bets or play slot machines. It is in order to wait out such "flashes" of excitement that it is necessary to use Gamestop. In fact, it is a tool for self-protection of users from their emotions.

It should be noted that a similar system is successfully operating in Sweden. This country has very strict gambling legislation. One of the conditions for obtaining a gambling license is to connect an analogue of the Gamestop system. Also, the state obliges casinos and bookmakers to automatically disconnect the player's access after a certain time of the game.

To restrict yourself from gambling sites, a UK resident should follow these steps:

  • Contact the casino administration and indicate your desire to pause;
  • Specify the duration of the restriction;
  • Name the conditions under which access to the sites will be resumed.
The request should only take a few minutes to process. Official institutions are connected to a single registry, which automatically blocks user access to all sites. The player simply will not be able to launch slots, play cards or place bets on sports events.

Does the system really work?

Obviously, gambling establishments are reluctant to use Gamestop. For them, this is the loss of a "hot" client who can potentially bring profit. It is known that in 2016, just before the launch of the system, a study was conducted on its effectiveness. Some bookmakers have offered to use blocking. According to the results, the offices received about 800 thousand applications. 58 thousand people did not even wait for the minimum blocking period and violated the pause in the game. And 46 thousand users returned to betting and slots immediately after the end of Gamestop. Most of the gamblers have also gradually resumed their activity on gambling sites.

Gamestop as an incentive for the development of the shadow market

Despite the fact that the implemented system is designed to protect users from gambling addiction, many players began to bypass the official sites of casinos and bookmakers. This gave impetus to the development of gray sites that are not connected to Gamestop. That is, a person can make an unlimited number of bets and forget about auto-blocking. Such sites appeared immediately after the launch of the project. As a result, people who are blocked in official online casinos simply turn into shady counterparts.

The state is trying to restrict access to such sites, but in practice this is practically impossible. The use of various services allows players to easily bypass restrictions and place bets without prohibitions.

One of the negative consequences of the introduction of Gamestop is the decline in the popularity of official gambling establishments. Some users, in one way or another, flow into "gray" niches, and sites connected to the system lose their income.

One way or another, the creation of any prohibition generates alternative ways to bypass it. So it happened with the new UK player protection system. The practice of countries such as Sweden shows that strict gambling licensing rules are killing the official segment of this market. The loss of popularity and profits encourages companies to move into the “shadow” or create “shadow” analogs of their legal sites.

It cannot be argued that Gamestop does not help players stop themselves at critical moments. This is a really useful tool when it comes to deep addiction. But at the same time, the effectiveness of such a system is rather doubtful. The possibilities of the Internet allow you to find places for gambling entertainment without Gamestop.

If you look exclusively at the benefits, you can highlight the following advantages of the self-restraint tool:

  • Impulse betting protection;
  • Tilt protection;
  • Self-control tool;
  • The ability for family members to restrict a relative's access to gambling;
  • Fighting outright gambling addiction.
The development of online gambling and bookmakers undoubtedly requires adjustment. But as the experience of the UK or Sweden shows, there are always loopholes to bypass systems like Gamestop.