Messi and a fairy tale love story with his wife

10 May 2021 01:45 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Three years ago, the Daily Mail told about the love lines of famous football stars in the world. David Beckham and Victoria are mentioned as the most famous duo. With Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo, they were voted the happiest couple, because the time they fell in love created a fairy tale story. Messi and Antonella have spent more than 20 years in love. They were "on a flower carriage", with 3 sons together to build a home. Messi not only succeeds in married life with a happy small family. But he is also a football genius with a brilliant career. Up to now, he has won the most Golden Ball titles. His achievements can make many people admire, even jealous. Here, the live football will share about Messi's fairytale love story!

The fateful meeting of football player Messi

According to Messi himself, the relationship between him and Antonella began in 1996. At that time, Messi was 9 years old, and was one of the promising players of Oldell's Old Boys team. Antonella, 8 years old, was born into a wealthy family and lived on the same street as Messi in Argentina. Twenty-four years ago, Messi went to teammate Lucas Scaglia's house. Lucas is Antonella's cousin and Messi has the opportunity to be close to her. "It was a weekend, Antonella came to play with Lucas. Messi was there and he was fascinated by Antonella," Goal quoted Lucas's father.

Messi met Antonella while playing PlayStation with Lucas. Messi's face when he first met Antonella was described as dazed and distracted despite playing video games. Antonella is the second girl who makes Messi's heart really flutter. "One day, Antonella will be my girlfriend," he confided to his friends. Even when leaving his hometown to pursue his dream of becoming a professional footballer, Messi still remembers Antonella's image.

Progress in the love story

In 2000, Messi left his hometown and moved to Europe to join Barcelona's youth academy. Messi was far from Antonella when the feelings of both have not yet sprouted. "During the first few years, Messi kept in touch with Antonella by handwriting. Messi always thought of Antonella, even though he could find another girl in his place," said Sports page. When Messi began to assert his position as the top star, Antonella began a new love affair at home that lasted more than 3 years. After that, Antonella suffered shock because his boyfriend died in a traffic accident. In 2007, Messi returned to his hometown and learned about the heartbreaking incident of Antonella. Barca striker is next to encourage Antonella and this is a turning point that brings the two together.

Antonella said she and Messi began to love each other from July 20, 2007. At that time, Messi was the phenomenon of world football, and was likened to by fans in Argentina as the heir of Diego Maradona. They secretly loved each other for nearly 3 years, before going public at the time of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. "Messi's girlfriend is a supermodel, singer or actress? No, her name is Antonella", the Spanish press expressed surprise because Messi as a top player has feelings for a girl in her homeland Argentina. He returned to Barcelona while Antonella was still at home and studied dentistry at the Universidad Nacional de Rosario.

In 2009, Antonella decided to move to Barcelona to be with Messi. In June 2012, Antonella stirred up the football village when he announced that she was pregnant with her first son with Messi. Three years later, both Messi and Antonella confirmed they were eager to welcome Thiago's younger brother, named Mateo. Before the World Cup in South Africa took place, the couple's love story was announced. Antonella moved in with Messi. Although not officially married, everyone sees Antonella as Messi's wife. After 20 years of acquaintance, Messi decided to give his children's mother a title. They held a wedding ceremony on June 30 in their hometowns in Rosario (Argentina).

Special love

The love story between Leo and Antonella is also special in that when Messi went to Barcelona to play, she, after years away, did not hesitate to follow him to Spain, crossing the ocean far away to the true love of his life. Although Antonella is the first lady of the world's most famous football superstar, Antonella is not like other Wag girls, she is always away from parties, noisy events and chaos. She spends most of her time taking care of her husband Leo and two sons, Thiago and Mateo.

Surely the double tattoo of Messi and Antonella Roccuzzo will make any fan jealous. Messi's tattoo was discovered when he took his girlfriend and son Thiago to the cinema. The happy photo of the whole family was immediately posted on Instagram and attracted many fans' attention. When the photo was posted, fans immediately discovered the crown tattoo on the hands of both people. Messi's hand is the king's crown, and his girlfriend's hand is the queen's crown tattoo. Just that, people can understand how beautiful their love is.

In recent times, the Barca star often appears with changes in appearance. He constantly has new tattoos and his hair. Is that the way to change to make life a new one. This Tango love story fairy tale love story has finally come to a happy ending. Fans all over the world now send their best wishes to the most simple and deepest love in football: Messi - Antonella.