Liverpool fans can keep quiet, Raphinha is staying at Leeds

04 Jun 2021 10:36 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Rumours of Raphinha impending departure is sadly the saga we are going to have to put up with all summer. Liverpool fans are already going mad on Twitter absolutely convinced that the Brazilian winger is going make the move to Anfield for only £10 million more than they sold Brewster to Sheffield United for. ‘In the know’ Liverpool social media accounts regurgitating the same old click bait for their entitled masses to lick up. Betrouwbare online casino's om op echt geld. But here and now it’s time to set things straight! Leeds United fans aren’t dumb, we know our standing in the world of football isn’t what it was given the amount of time we have spent out of the top-flight in recent years. But Leeds United aren’t a pushover by any means.

Leeds finished in the top half of the Premier League this season and will look to push on again next season. Financially the club broke records in the Championship turnover wise. We announced a record-breaking sponsorship deal upon promotion. And we have investors with deep pockets, recently announced board member and long-time Leeds United fan Peter Lowy runs his family’s investment fund, a family whose net worth puts then in the top eight of Premier League owners financially. Throw in chairman Andrea Radrizzani himself and the York family (given the head of it was recently at the match we can assume we do actually have their support) then Leeds United can count on financial support behind the club of over £6 billion.

Leeds United are historically a successful club, with a proud past, a large fanbase (both at home and overseas), an ambitions future and a secure financial footing. The club do not need to sell Raphinha and they don’t want to sell him! Leeds United’s trajectory is an upwards one and our magical Brazillian is a big part of that. After a fantastic first season back in the Premier League they will look to strengthen for next season, to push on again, possibly to Europe this time. Liverpool on the other hand put in one of the most lacklustre title defences seen last season. They may have rallied to finish third (only ten points above Leeds) but a rebuild looks to be on the cards, despite their £1 Billion valued squad.

Liverpool fans got very excited about an interview Raphinha did where he spoke about his friendship with other Brazilian footballers in England, nothing strange in that, he spoke about watching Premier League football in the past also and mentioned Gerrard, Henry and others. But the bit they chose to ignore is where he said…

I have a contract for another four years and I don't even think about leaving here for exactly this reason: I am happy and making others happy.

Raphinha is also a player that Marcelo Bielsa has admired for some time and the winger has adapted to Bielsaball seamlessly. The Brazillian’s versatility, work rate and creativity are key to the way Bielsa wants his teams to play and if Bielsa wants Raphinha, the club will do everything they can to keep him. So whilst Liverpool fans may be getting excited about their club leading the non-existent race to sign Raphinha, I think it’s fair to say that Leeds fans can be confident he will be making us happy for some time to come. And when/if he ever leave it will be for a damn site more than £32 million, probably more like £60 million. A price tag Liverpool probably can't afford now their sordid Super League project has collapsed around them!

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CAL965LUFC wrote on 05 Jun 2021 11:41 am

Dont be so arrogant- Raphina isnt going over the Mersey hes staying on the right side, the pride of Yorkshire, LEEDS UTD AFC!!
So keep dreaming mate!!

Cjay wrote on 05 Jun 2021 10:46 am

Entitled, typical Liverpool fan.

Such an unlikeable fanbase :lol:

Liverpool cant afford him now the Super League is dead.

Shut up. wrote on 05 Jun 2021 09:45 am

Know your place Leeds, if Liverpool want him they will get him and you won't have any say in the matter.