Tony Yeboah - King of the Thunderbolt

06 Jun 2021 04:33 pm, by YorkshireSquare

The 6th June 1966 was a special day for Tony Yeboah, it was the day he was born. Happy Birthday Tony! But for Leeds United fans 1995 will always be the year of Yeboah. Exotic names were appearing on teamsheets across the land that season; Ruud Gullit at Chelsea, Dennis Bergkamp at Arsenal, Georgi Kinkladze at Man City. But in the early weeks of 1995-96 only one man was stealing the headlines, Tony Yeboah. The Ghanaian striker embarked on a an incredible goalscoring run which made him a cult hero and kind of the thunderbolt. Here are a selection of his most impressive goals for Leeds during that run.

Leeds United 3, Manchester United 1
24th December 1995

Tony Yeboah will always be remembered for his thunderbolts, but his goal against Manchester United on Christmas eve 1995 proves he wasn’t just a one trick pony. Latching onto a lose ball just inside the Manchester United half he tied Dennis Irwin in knots before coolly chipping over Peter Schmeichel to bring Leeds back level and ruin Alex Ferguson’s Christmas just before half time.

Leeds United 2, Sheffield Wednesday 0
30th September 1995

It wasn’t just crossbars that feared for their lives with Tony Yeboah around, the back of the net quivered in perpetual fear too. Yeboah received a pass from Gary McAllister surrounded by three defenders, but a couple of touches were all he needed to open up space for the shot. And what a shot! The ball hit low and hard into the bottom corner, Kevin Pressman stood no chance, the net was lucky to survive. Foot like a traction engine as the great Alan Partridge once said.

West Ham 1, Leeds United 2
19th August 1995

Tony Yeboah scored twice in the 2-1 win at Upton Park on the opening day of the season. His first was an impressive header, his second a moment of quite exquisite savagery as Yeboah’s left peg unleashed the most unprovoked act of violence in the East End since the days of Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The ball sizzled past Ludek Miklosko and back out again before the giant Czech could even react.

Leeds United 1, Liverpool 0
21st August 1995

Yeboah’s 16th goal in 18 starts for his new club. Tony Dorigo clipped an aerial ball forward and little Rod Wallace won the header. From then on, it’s the stuff of dreams. The ball seemingly suspended in mid-air, then a thunderbolt of a volley that defied the laws of space and time. David James couldn’t believe what he’d seen. He was accustomed to picking the ball out of the net, though nothing quite like this.

Wimbledon 2, Leeds United 4
23rd September 1995

I know everyone loves the goal against Liverpool, it was an absolute screamer but for me the goal he scored just a month later against Wimbledon was better. A rank defensive header was firstly chested, then cushioned on the thigh. A dummy left the oncoming defender for dead and then the right peg smeared it into the net, off the bar for good measure. Five touches, two seconds, one vintage thunderbolt.