5 Fun Outdoor Sports for The Family

26 Jul 2021 03:09 pm, by YorkshireSquare

There are many activities that can be done together, but there is nothing quite like enjoying games outside with the family. There are many benefits to outdoor sports that add a lot to the meaning of “fun for the whole family,” and here, you will discover some of the most popular sports games that families love.

The Benefits of Playing Sports Together

There are a handful of reasons why families should set aside some time together to have some fun outdoors. Aside from getting some sunshine, family sports can improve communication and self-esteem and also encourage other positive behaviors, like good sportsmanship and working together as a team. These are all skills that are important for all healthy relationships, and ones that can also be developed by working with a therapist, like the ones that are found at BetterHelp. In fact, family bonding activities like sports can supplement family therapy sessions and make your relationships even stronger.

That being said, here are five amazing and practical sports to enjoy as a family that you can reap these benefits from.

One of the greatest pastimes ever is something that is one of the most family-friendly sports of all time. Basketball can be enjoyed one-on-one, two versus two, and beyond - it can be very accommodating to whoever wants to participate. It’s also a sport that can be incredibly inexpensive. While many like to set up a hoop at home, there is a good chance that you have a local park with an actual court you can use and have a real experience. All you need is your own ball, and you’re good to go.

Football or soccer share many similarities to basketball in that it’s a team sport that involves continuous running back and forth and there is flexibility with the rules. It can also be played at home, typically in the backyard; however, many people prefer to find a larger park where they are free to run and kick without feeling confined. Nonetheless, you’ll just need some nets and a ball to get moving.

If you prefer to be slightly more stationary but still want to get a good workout in, volleyball is an amazing option for families. For those fortunate to live near beaches, volleyball is very frequently played, but don’t count this one out if you are located more inland - it’s very easy to set up a volleyball net anywhere and enjoy the game, just without the sand.

Riding bikes as a family can be amazing because it can be less competitive and relaxing than more traditional team sports, like the ones mentioned above, but it is still much more physically and mentally engaging than going for a walk. However, if your family really enjoys the competitive side of things, cycling can be as intense as you want it to be and there are tracks where you can race. If you choose to go on this route, always strive to be as safe as possible and you’ll get the most mileage out of this sport.

While golf is technically considered a solo sport, after all, your personal performance is what matters in this game, it’s still a sport your whole family can have fun doing together. Despite not being on a team, you still work on coordination and improve your focus and if you have kids, they will learn the value of sportsmanship. Golf can be as competitive as you want it to be, and due to the pacing, it’s a good time to chat with each other too.

When it comes to sports, there is something for everyone, and hopefully, this article has given you some great ideas on what games you can play as a family. By doing so, you get more than just entertainment - there are healthy skills that you can learn that last a lifetime.