An Insight To The NBA Draft 2021

05 Aug 2021 05:24 pm, by YorkshireSquare

Annually, NBA teams get to choose from a pool of talents in what is called the Draft Pick. The draft pick is an avenue for franchises to sign eligible college or international-based basketball players as draft picks. This practice began in 1947 and is usually held in the NBA offseason. Teams typically get draft pick positions that correspond inversely with their position in the previous season. This method ensures teams who finished outside playoff places also get to participate in the draw for talents. These players are mainly sourced from collegiate basketball and other leagues outside the United States.

Initially, the NBA draft went on for as long as there were talents to choose from - the reason why the 1960 and 1968 draft picks has 21 rounds each. However, the NBA reduced the number of rounds to ten in 1974. Currently, the NBA draft is divided into two rounds of thirty picks each, making the total number of rookie entrants sixty. The new rule took force in 1989 in an agreement between the league’s authorities and the Players’ Association.

Our basketball expert Kate Richardson dives into the inner workings of the NBA draft and how it influences the online betting industry ahead of the new season.

How to Determine If a Player Is Eligible as A Draft Pick

Players have specific requirements to meet before the league’s authorities can accept them into the NBA drafts. These conditions help to streamline the number of available players as the teams can’t take more than sixty players. Some of these conditions include;

1. The player must be at least 19 years old in the calendar year of the draft.
2. The player must have finished high school at least a year before the draft. This exact requirement holds for international players. However, some players had gone straight from high school to the NBA before this rule was introduced in 2006. Some of these players include Kobe Bryant and Lebron James.
3. The player has completed a four year eligibility period in college (which makes him automatically eligible).
4. The player is at least 22 years old but doesn’t qualify for automatic eligibility. In this case, the player has to announce his eligibility individually and at least sixty days before the NBA draft (this is only applicable to international players).

As a significant recruitment source for NBA franchises, no player can sign with any team unless he has been eligible for at least one NBA draft. The NBA draft is the biggest supplier of basketball talents, drowning the inter-team trades that occur during the offseason.

In What Order Are NBA Draft Picks Made?

Initially, NBA draft picks were made inversely proportional to the team’s performance in the previous season. This meant that the team who finished bottom of the table in the last season gets the first draft pick. The 29th placed team also got the second draft pick and so on.

However, allegations of teams losing intentionally to get higher positions on the NBA draft pick led the league to introduce the draft lottery in 1985. The draft lottery helps the NBA prevent teams from influencing their draft pick positions by intentionally losing a game or series of matches.

The NBA Draft Lottery takes place between the fourteen teams who didn’t make it to the playoffs. Ping pong balls bearing numbers 1 to 14 are put into a lottery machine, with 1000 of the probable 1001 combinations given to the 14 teams. The balls are jiggled in the lottery machine four separate times, with a ball selection after each jiggle.

After the four picks, the team with the exact combination gets the first draft pick. The process is then repeated for the remaining three draft pick positions. With the new arrangement, the three worst teams in the division have a better chance of getting a higher draft pick position than the other teams.

The draft lottery only determines what teams get the first four picks. Once complete, the draft pick process returns to the usual arrangement where teams pick players based on their performance from the previous season. Once the first 30 picks are complete, the same inverse arrangement is used for the second round of the draft.

The inverse arrangement helps teams who didn’t make the playoffs to get an advantage ahead of the new season by getting the best picks. However, teams often make player trades, putting up several clauses, including an exchange of draft pick places. For instance, the 2021 NBA draft includes a trade between Utah Jazz and Oklahoma Thunder for Derrick Favors and the 2027 second-round pick. Thunder gets Favors and a future first-round pick in this deal, while Jazz gets monetary consideration and the 2027 second-round pick.


As we have seen, the NBA drafts play an essential role in a team’s performance in the upcoming season. One or two correct picks and a franchise could go from bottom table positions to playoff qualifications. The drafts bring so much talent into the league that it is a significant driver of odds and punter behavior on betting sites Switzerland. One of such essential drafts occurred in 2003, bringing Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Carmelo Anthony into the league. Wade and James went on to dominate the league at Mami Heat a few years later, changing the franchises’ rating on online betting sites.

While NBA newbies may find the draft fascinating, it is worth noting that it has the shortest round picks of all major sports in the American continent. The NFL, NHL and MLB all have at least seven rounds compared to the NBA’s two. Players who miss out on getting drafted can always keep their collegiate status if they withdraw from the Drafts ten days before its conclusion. This ensures the NCAA talents and gameplay stays as competitive as ever for fans and bettors alike.

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