What Online Bookies Predict for 21/22 PL Season

17 Aug 2021 09:20 am, by YorkshireSquare

The competition in Premier League has always been tough. Bookies give an advantage to some teams for the PL title 21/22. Is your favourite one of them?

It doesn’t matter if you are born in England, remaining part of Europe, Africa, or Australia. The Premier League has fans across the globe that were barely waiting for the new season to start. Manchester City, the previous year league winner, managed to lose against Tottenham. On the other hand, Arteta probably had a strong headache on Friday as his team lost the game against Brentford.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter which club you support. There are certain people that objectively put into consideration all the factors and make a list of teams that have the biggest chances to get the title.

Online Bookies May Help You with Their Predictions

Online bookies are those that are trying to provide people with the most objective predictions. They put into consideration all the factors such as individuals that play for a team, schedule, injuries, financial stability of a club, etc. The odds for the winner of the Premier League are not identical everywhere, but they are, more or less, the same.

If this seems like an interesting thing to bet on or you simply want to bet during the season, then finding a reliable betting site is mandatory. If finding the best online bookies seems like a problem to you, then we suggest you put into consideration those illustrated over here. You can enjoy a wide range of bonuses and get the necessary help from customer support during the entire day.

So, What Do Online Bookies Predict?

Generally speaking, if you are following the Premier League actively, the list below probably won’t surprise you. The members of “Big Six” are still on the top of that list. Let’s see the predictions together.

Number One: Manchester City

It is not a secret that Manchester City often starts the season in a pretty bad way. However, that doesn’t mean they are still not the strongest team in the Premier League. They are dominating this league since Per Guardiola came to the club.

In two consecutive seasons, Liverpool was their only competition. They even managed to bring the title home after 25 years two years ago, but Manchester City managed to take it away after only one season. The arrival of Grealish will only make their games more interesting to watch and probably raise the quality of the football. Are predictions of online bookies correct is something we are yet to see.

Number Two: Liverpool, Of course

Liverpool had a pretty tough season last year. A lot of injuries managed to mess up their plans, but, fortunately for them, they managed to reach 3rd place and ensure the Champions League this season. Van Dijk is back and there is a big chance Liverpool won’t receive a lot of goals this year. We are yet to see whether Ibrahima Konate will improve the defence of this club or not. Jota, Salah, Mane, and Firmino will take care of the goals for sure.

Klopp definitely managed to bring the new energy to this club and bring the two most valuable titles after only 5 years of work. Mainstream media have talked about the bad relationships between Mane and Klopp as well as Mane and Salah. However, according to the first round of the Premier League, it seems that all the problems are solved (or at least they do not affect the game so far). Both players, as well as the coach, will probably stay this year as well.

Number Three: Chelsea

Second and third place on this list varies from one place to another. Some online bookies give more chances to Liverpool while others mark Chelsea as a bigger favourite. Generally, the winner of the Champions League finally got the striker that will probably ensure more goals. If you are following the latest news, then you know we are talking about Romero Lukaku. We will see in the next few weeks whether he will manage to adapt to the new way of playing (different than the one he had in Inter with Conte).

Fourth Place: Manchester United

With 20 Premier League titles, Manchester United is the club with the most titles in the league ever. Unfortunately for them, after Sir Alex Ferguson left the club, they didn’t manage to win the title at all. The club changed a couple of coaches until they decided to give a chance to a former player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer who somehow managed to improve the quality of the team and bring some new players that raised the chances of winning the title.

The first game against Leeds was pretty good for them. They managed to score 5 goals past their bitter rivals whilst only conceding one thunderbolt from Luke Ayling. However, we will see whether they will continue to play in the same manner in the next 12 months. For now, online bookies agree that their chances of winning the title are around 15%.

Fifth and Sixth Place: Tottenham Hotspur/Leicester City

Currently, the fifth and sixth place are reserved for Tottenham Hotspur and Leicester City. If Kane goes to another club, then their chances will probably be even lower for the online bookies. However, the start of the season was pretty good for them. The win against Manchester City was a big surprise for many sports fans. On the other hand, the Leicester City team is almost identical to the previous year. They continuously play well, but not enough for the title. However, their fans are probably hoping 2015/2016 PL season will soon repeat.

Final Thought

As mentioned, the list is not going to surprise those people that are actively following the Premier League matches. Manchester City is still the number one favourite, but Liverpool, Chelsea, and others may manage to mess up their plans with some games. Besides, the transfer window is still open, and certain teams may bring new players in the next two weeks.