Could Brownhill and Lang be on their way to Leeds?

19 Aug 2021 07:59 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Thursday 19th August, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Could Noa Lang be on his way to Leeds?

A move for the Dutch winger has been long rumoured this summer with Italian football journalist Fabrizio Romano reporting that Leeds United are still working on deal last month. Lang spent last season on loan at Belgian side Club Brugge from Dutch champions Ajax, an obligation to buy made the move permanent on 1st July for a fee around £5.2 million, but with his value now said to be in the region of £20 million, Brugge may look to cash in with several clubs across interested in the young winger.

Sparking the flames yet again, Brugge have now agreed a deal to bring in Mohamed Daramy from FC Copenhagen. Both players are versatile wingers, could Brugge’s move for Daramy be an indication the expect Lang to be on his way out? Pascal Struijk and Crysencio Summerville have also just started following Noa Lang on Instagram. Is this just due to the Dutch connection or could they know more regarding an impending transfer? In these modern social media times, Instagram likes often set tongues wagging about potential transfers, but is there anything in it?

Brownhill on Leeds radar

Midfielder Josh Brownhill is the latest name to be linked with a move to Elland Road. Applying his trade at nearby Turf Moor, the 25 year old Warrington lad has attracted a mixed reaction from the Leeds faithful on social media. He joined the Clarets from Bristol City in last year's January transfer window for a fee of £7m. He was instrumental in helping them stay above the drop zone last term representing them on 44 occasions. A fee of £15m is believed to be what Sean Dyche is looking for.

Kalvin Philips and Jack Harrison have also been liking Josh Brownhill's Instagram posts. Yet again social media tipping off fans to a potential transfer. Would you like to see Josh Brownhill in a Leeds shirt?

Breaking news from Ibrox may force Kent's exit

According to 'The Athletic, reports are circulating that the money worries at Ibrox may be more serious than first thought, following their humiliating loss to Malmo in the Champions League qualifying third round. This has once again ignited Leeds interest in winger / forward Ryan Kent. Steven Gerrard's team have found themselves in a position that they need to fill a £17m void, and with time ticking away, the debt is increasing. Leeds have already had bids of £10m and £12m rejected by the Scottish Champions, but all may not be lost! The Athletic have also disclosed that Kent has a release clause of £20m. Whether or not this is affordable to the Whites in the present situation is another matter!

Final preparations are underway to bring Leo Hjelde and Lewis O'Brien to Elland Road which will set Radrizzani back, the best part of £10m. This brings their Summer signings to 40m, and let's remember we may still have to fork out 20m for Jean Kevin Augustin.

Game changers

Many Leeds fans have expressed their concern that Leeds no not have any game changers on the bench. Bielsa's substitutions tend to be predictable and robotic starting with Costa and Roberts. This not only uninspiring, but highly unlikely to change the dynamics of the game! Is it time to unleash some of the U23's? I'm surprised he didn't do so on Saturday at Old Trafford when there was nothing to play for! How are the starlets for tomorrow going to get better if they are not given an opportunity to shine on the biggest stage?

Who would you like to see on the bench? What changes would you make to Saturday's line up?

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faaip wrote on 20 Aug 2021 04:43 pm

Yeah but you don't see them crowing how great they were in post game interviews ..I'm sure when we lose they're not happy either and not really any of our business anyway. I don't need an apology for a bad day at the office..

White Riot wrote on 20 Aug 2021 04:03 pm

faaip wrote: Fri Aug 20, 2021 3:36 pmDo they though?
They should do, if we're doing something well we should be happy to puff our chests out e.g. Bamford's hat-trick at Villa, or the counter-attack goals against Newcastle. Bielsa's modest and introverted, so he's not gonna bang the drum, but somebody should imo. OGS was walking around like a dog with two c**ks last Saturday, and yet his team failed when it mattered last season.

Because the pundits have their own agenda and preferences they're always happier to give teams like Man U, or individuals like Pogba and Fernandes credit.

I watched a few match reviews of our match against Scum and you would never know that another team had played, as the pundits were just creaming themselves over Man U. I know we were poor, but surely you have to give context to Man U's performance by analyzing the opposition, but I guess they're just too lazy or blinkered to be bothered to do that, or don't want to take the shine off Man U's "achievement".

The same pundits will be shouting how great we and Bielsa are if we put Everton and Burnley to the sword.

faaip wrote on 20 Aug 2021 03:36 pm

White Riot wrote: Fri Aug 20, 2021 11:37 am Well, if the players are happy to take credit for good performances they also need to take ownership of bad performances. Promises are just words and not necessary, the correct actions on the pitch will put things right.

Leeds need to find a way to progress, that could be through youth development, or attracting investors who are actually prepared to invest and buy better quality players if we're not capable of producing them ourselves.

If we stand still then the gap to the top six just gets wider and wider and more difficult to overcome. We have the luxury and privilege of one of the best coaches in the world at our disposal, but that's not gonna be forever. Bielsa needs the tools to work with, regardless of the fact he's performed miracles to get us here. Imo we should have seized the opportunity to push on this summer, to challenge our limitations.
Do they though?

Mountain wrote on 20 Aug 2021 03:19 pm

White Riot wrote: Fri Aug 20, 2021 3:10 pm So ultimately Radz will not be the guy to take us forward.
I don't think so. In fact, I suspect he must be one of the poorest owners in the top 2 divisions, and I often wondered if Cellino still had some stake or interest in the background, I was always surprised at the apparent ease at which Radz came in.

But after the roller coaster of the last 2 decades, I'm happy with mid table for a few years to settle down and regather to try and become the next Leicester, get more investors, develop the stadium now (that has seen bigger clubs like Spurs and Arsenal set right back). He may not be rich, but he has done extraordinarily well to get the club this far.

White Riot wrote on 20 Aug 2021 03:10 pm

Mountain wrote: Fri Aug 20, 2021 2:58 pm The only realistic way to permanently close that gap is to find a multi billionaire owner, preferably an oil rich oligarch. A club might "do a Leicester" and have one amazing season (and Leeds just had one), but doing it consistently is a different level. To their credit, Leicester do...but they have had 7 years in the top flight now, and picked up a title win and CL appearances along the way. When they played Leeds last season their sub bench had players bought for £25 and $30 million, along with an English international. Even Leicester, a club that sells to get by, are light years ahead of Leeds right now.
Very true mate and yet we managed to put on our best performances against them at Lineker's crisps stadium. I guess the moral of the sort is that football is just a money machine these days.

We've already sampled the despair of overstretching financially and the latest example of that is Barcelona, I'm guessing that Real Madrid are in similar straits.

So ultimately Radz will not be the guy to take us forward.