Manchester Utd plotting £60m Phillips capture

28 Sep 2021 07:26 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Tuesday 28th September, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Manchester Utd plotting £60m Phillips capture

The Daily Star are reporting (so it must be true) that Manchester United have lost interest in West Ham midfielder Declan Rice, in favour of England teammate Kalvin Phillips. Bringing a top drawer defensive midfielder is high on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's wish list, but they believe West Ham's valuation of 90m is too high, and have turned their attention across the Pennines! They estimate a fee between 50m - 60m would be sufficient to lure the 25yo to Old Trafford.

The Yorkshire Pirlo came close to leaving Elland Road in the Summer of 2019, in favour of Aston Villa. Only a timely intervention from Victor Orta, and wise words from his late grandmother, spared Leeds heartache. Later that Summer, Phillips signed a new and improved four year contract that expires in the Summer of 2024.

Having not strengthened sufficiently in the Summer, many questions have been raised about their lack of ambition. Whilst I'm sure all Leeds fans are grateful for what Radrizzzani has done for the club, Leeds cannot expect to keep their prized assets unless they can demonstrate that they are moving forward. Survival is not enough!

Leeds need five or six players in January

Former player, now pundit Frank McAvennie believes Leeds need to invest in five or six new players in the January transfer window if they want to continue with their intense playing style. The 61yo former West Ham and Scotland hitman accepts that whilst Bielsa will not change his playing style, the squad are going to be more susceptible to injury. According to McAvennie...

Leeds play with such a high tempo. It’s so intense, if you play like that, there will be injuries. They haven’t prepared for that. “They aren’t like Manchester City, they don’t have two different starting sides. There’s nothing Bielsa can do about that. He won’t change his style for anyone. They have to go out in January and buy five or six, I’m not joking. If they want to keep playing like that, with players flying into tackles, people will get injured.

Is big Frank right? We got away with it in our first season back in the top flight, but are starting to feel it now? Are Leeds missing out on points due to not changing their tactics?

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Leeds1000 wrote on 28 Sep 2021 06:32 pm

I was a big fan of Antenucci. He may not have had the work rate to please marcelo, but he would have been added that touch of class and skill to this current team.

1964white wrote on 28 Sep 2021 04:42 pm

Ellandback1 wrote: Tue Sep 28, 2021 4:02 pm One of the last times we played Watford!

I would love to have Berardi & Taylor in our squad off that list.

Ellandback1 wrote on 28 Sep 2021 04:02 pm

One of the last times we played Watford!

BobHirst wrote on 28 Sep 2021 03:26 pm

Everyone needs to be honest. If a bigger company came to you and offered you a new job, doing the same as you are already doing, and offered to double your wage what would you do?

Scoobychief wrote on 28 Sep 2021 02:27 pm

a couple of things we are also overlooking is, all very well saying if we loose phillips and raph then they should fetch plenty of money, i personally dont think we will get over £110m for both, but anyway my point is that we will find out somewhere down the line that allready its been said our wage bill alone is now 100m and that is with a small squad so that will be a thing to consider too, were never going to pay 60 70m for a player and offer them 60k a week say we just dont do that sort of thing and any player worth 60/70m are going to be comanding aroud 100k a week wages. secondly i woudnt be at all suprised that when the annual turnover is announced that we will be at a pretty hefty loss. so we are never going to be splashing all that cash we get from phillips and ralph. thats just my opinion and concerns thats all. i hope im dead wrong and we go on a winning streak and win our next 6 7 8 games and play everybody outside say the top 6 off the park.