The UK gambling industry

05 Oct 2021 10:58 am, by YorkshireSquare

The special position of casinos non gamstop on the world gambling map is explained not only by the strictness of the rules of the gambling industry, but also by the fact that in many respects this jurisdiction is the legislator of opinions. Following it, similar directives are beginning to appear in many other European states.

Demonization: the concept
In journalism of UK, demonization is usually called giving someone or something sinister properties or traits. Demonization can also be defined as a propaganda technology, with the help of which public opinion is formed by creating a negative image regarding a certain phenomenon, which is presented as a threat pursuing exclusively destructive goals.

The phenomenon of demonization in relation to gambling.
All this leads to the formation of a negative image of the gambling industry and becomes the reason for the emergence of myths about it, certain types of gambling or specific gambling games. All this, of course, affects the income of operators. Several similar myths are discussed below.

Land-based gambling establishments in UK are more honest than online casinos
Such a myth was peculiar to the public consciousness of a decade ago and in many ways was significantly smoothed out as online gambling developed. In addition, it was also widely believed that absolutely all online casinos are fraudulent. At the same time, we draw readers' attention to the fact that you should not resort to the services of unlicensed operators even in the absence of a legal online entertainment market.

Gambling leads to ludomania
The risk of gambling addiction does exist, but do not forget that it is directly related to the abuse of entertainment. Gambling is often compared with other addictive addictions, in particular with the use of alcohol. With regard to ludomania, this parallel is true in the context of the fact that the number of people who suffer from alcoholism is negligible in comparison with those who drink alcoholic beverages from time to time.

Gambling - entertainment for the rich
Probably the biggest concentration of myths surrounds slots in the Great Britain. Many are convinced that the casino administration purposely regulates the frequency of winning combinations, for example in the casino from captain martin bonuses.

Indeed, back in the middle of the last century, this was the case, but the development of the industry led to the emergence of so-called social casinos in which users can play without spending money.

Restrictive Trends in UK
Returning to the trends that accompany the demonization of gambling in the UK, we have identified several restrictive regulations adopted in the jurisdiction over the past year that are important for the global industry.

According to the latest up-to-date data from last year, the first nine months of the UK gambling industry were marked by a 0.3% reduction in GGR. At the same time, the largest drop in revenue of 0.6% was recorded in the online segment. It should be noted that this phenomenon was noticed for the first time since the legalization of online transactions in the country.

Since April last year, restrictive rules regarding the operation of fixed-odds terminals (FOBT) have come into force on the territory of the state. Thousands of betting shops have stopped working, and those that remain are on the verge of survival. If the current trend continues for another two years, then there will be 2 thousand in the UK.

At the same time in the UK
At the same time, according to industry representatives, while legal operators lose up to 60% of profits, users are increasingly turning to the services of shadow operators, to which the rules do not apply. Thus, at this stage, the government has not achieved the goals that were originally stated. At the same time, the controlling structures fundamentally disagree with the last statement.

At the same time, the UK is considering the possibility of banning the placement of betting operator logos on athletes' uniforms. The latter also means the elimination of the institution of sponsorship.

One of the latest innovations was the ban on the use of credit cards to pay gambling bills. Earlier, a popular British publication described a case when a player used credit limits on nine cards to satisfy excitement.

According to the new certification rules, online operators are obliged to register in the GamStop self-exclusion program. Thus, the government, according to the Minister of Culture Helen Whately, makes it clear to everyone involved in the gambling industry that they are obliged to conduct socially responsible business.

Of course, gambling has a special specificity in the Great Britain, which is associated with the possibility of gambling addiction. This should be taken into account not only by operators, but also by the authorities. Therefore, when inventing new ways to limit the work of the legal market.