Soccer stars who are into gambling

05 Oct 2021 10:58 am, by YorkshireSquare

On the same level as ordinary people love casinos not affectid by gamstop uk, just as the wave of passion for this kind of hobbies and has not escaped the celebrities.

It's no secret that a lot of money is put on sports and millions of soccer fans are involved in a gambling confrontation with Lady Luck. But the passion for the game themselves players are carefully hidden, and only thanks to ubiquitous journalists truth comes to the surface. Especially English players indulge in the game, because in their homeland betting on sports is as prosaic as going to the cinema. The fact that the information is often insider information does not give grounds to brand it as fact, but, as you know, there is no smoke without fire. And sometimes players reveal their souls themselves. Like Gary Neville, for example. Let's take a look at the list of famous soccer players who love to spend time playing at the casino.

Gary Neville
British soccer players, like the true sons of their homeland, love gambling wholeheartedly. Former Manchester United footballer Gary Neville has told in his book about how an endemic passion for the game has carried away almost all the players of the England team. He confessed that he couldn't think of anything but the game. Bet on everything - horse racing, cards, the outcome of sports games. And Neville himself bet hundreds of pounds at a time. Realizing that addiction to gambling had a bad effect on the game of the national team, he called gambling for the team a cancer.

Tony Adams
It was hard to imagine Arsenal London in the second half of the 1980s and all of the 1990s without Tony Adams. The longhaired Briton was one of the pillars of the Arsenal defense. But outside the soccer field Adams is known from a very different side. As an alcoholic, Adams has even been behind bars for drunken driving. The new coach of Arsenal Arsene Wenger as much as possible helped his central defender to get rid of addiction.

Adams' other passion was gambling. He played a lot of everything and lost a lot. Betting at bookmakers took a large part of his salary. After giving up soccer, Tony Adams opened a clinic for alcoholic and gambling addicts of soccer players. According to him, 70% of athletes are treated in his institution it from Ludomaniya, while the players of the lower leagues in the old way drowning stress in a glass. Adams knows firsthand what a passion for gambling is, now he wants his clinic patients to curb their demons as well.

Michael Owen
The former Liverpool icon doesn't drink or rage. But he's always ready to play, and play big. He once lost forty thousand pounds at the racetrack. Owen made a lot of money and could afford it. And in 2002, he lost £30,000 in cards to his teammate Kieron Dyer. Michael bets a lot and loses a lot. He's a real find for the bookie.

Wayne Rooney
Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has always made a lot of money as a team leader, but has managed to lose crazy amounts of money gambling. The tabloids that have followed Rooney on his heels have revealed that he once left £65,000 in a Manchester casino overnight. Wayne has now settled down somewhat, and earnings are no longer the same as in his youth, but early in his career, young and drunk Rooney was not once seen in bookmakers and gambling clubs, where he was not shy to put on the line for several hundred pounds per game.

Paul Merson
Known for his performances for Arsenal in the pre-Venger period, Paul Merson could not withstand the burden of fame. He managed outside the soccer field to try all kinds of entertainment - and drugs, and alcohol, and of course gambling. He managed to get rid of addictions, but, according to him, the hardest thing to kill a passion for the game, because today there are thousands of wg casino no deposit, which lure its incredible bonuses. And Merson's was so all-encompassing that he spent thousands of pounds in an evening. Now retired, the former England player actually became the face of one of Britain's many bookmakers.

Roy Carroll
Goalkeeper Roy Carroll once had great hopes. He hoped to fulfill them in Manchester United, where he moved in 2001 from Wigan. But faced with competition from the charismatic Fabienne Barthez, Carroll was somewhat lost. Perhaps therein lies the passion he discovered for gambling. Carroll gambled a lot and lost heavily.

After spending several years as an eternal understudy at the Mancunians, he moved to West Ham. There he continued to play and allegedly drank a lot. The hapless goalkeeper's favorite pastimes were betting on horse races, the outcome of sports games and the lottery. He once lost $30,000 playing on a club bus with his teammate, though the athlete himself does not admit it and calls it slander. Maybe it was because Carroll was never assigned to the role of leading goalkeeper on his team that he began to make do with less prominent clubs.

Of course, the topic of gambling among celebrities and athletes can go on forever, because there are a lot of gambling people and we all like to spend time having fun, not sad, boring and humdrum. Therefore it is not surprising that even the world's soccer stars have mastered and fallen in love with this kind of entertainment, isn't it!