Touts scamming Leeds fans out of thousands

19 Oct 2021 07:20 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Tuesday 19th October, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Touts scamming Leeds fans out of thousands

Whilst thousands of Leeds fans jammed the ticket lines yesterday, desperate to get their hands on seats for the Leicester game, most were left bitterly disappointed! The majority had waited patiently on the phone for a considerable amount of time, only to receive the inevitable news that every ticket had been snapped up.

Imagine my surprise when searching online to find that ticket touts had dozens of available seats on offer, as long as you are prepared to pay up to six times their face value. A ticket at Elland Road can cost between £29 to £47 depending on the view (and opposition), but a quick search on football tout sites showed seats for the Leicester game (which only went on sale yesterday) for up to £300 per ticket, or £1,200 for a family of four, or £13 per minute!

The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 makes it a criminal offence, yet touts have found ways to bend the laws. One way is to sell a novelty item, say a scarf at a hugely inflated price, with a free ticket. The Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 and later the Ticket Touting (Designation of Football Matches) Order 2007 goes some way to stopping this! What should happen to Leeds fans caught selling tickets to these parasites?

Leeds to turn attention to Chelsea's forgotten midfielder

Multiple sources this morning claim that Leeds are eyeing up a return for Chelsea and former England midfielder Ross Barkley. The 27 year old spent a month on loan at Elland Road in 2013, but has only managed 36 minutes of first-team football under Thomas Tuchel this term, and is surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge. Leeds face stiff competition for the former toffee, with a host of top flight clubs, including Newcastle rumoured to be interested in his signature. Is Barkley the right kind of player for Leeds. Would his lack of game time hinder his fitness levels

Hay lays into Leeds team

Leeds Utd journalist Phil Hay has laid into the Leeds Utd team for their woeful performance on the South Coast at the weekend. Speaking on The Athletic's website, the former Chief football writer for the YEP labelled the fixture 'eminently winnable' and described Leeds as having 'no interplay, no dominance and no swagger'.

In a first half as inept as any Bielsa has sat through, Raphinha was missed at St Mary’s. Phillips and Bamford were too, saying something about how essential Leeds’ most prominent faces feel at present. There was no interplay, no dominance, no swagger at all and — unusually for Bielsa’s Leeds — no chances worth talking about. Expected goals sat a fraction above zero at half-time. There was no answer to Southampton’s high press either, a tactic which can be costly against Leeds. Press high and teams take the chance of Bielsa’s cutting through them. But when Leeds fail to do so as comprehensively as they did on Saturday, the pitch is yours.

The concern for Bielsa is that whether or not he expected to win at Southampton - an eminently winnable fixture - he would have expected Leeds to be competitive and to make Southampton look more like a team without a league win to their name. There was a reversal of last weekend at Elland Road, where Leeds found their voice and Watford lost theirs. The picture in front of Bielsa is one of players climbing the mountainside, looking for the form and the flair they once oozed. Temporarily or otherwise, something is missing and has been from the start.

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Irish Ian wrote on 20 Oct 2021 08:01 am

Carrick Dave wrote: Tue Oct 19, 2021 9:31 pm I'm gutted too Ian. It's not on TV either, the date change was because Brentford's previous game was televised, apparently.

Hookey stream will be the only option.
If the tv companies don't get you one way they get you the other :lol:

Carrick Dave wrote on 19 Oct 2021 09:31 pm

Irish Ian wrote: Tue Oct 19, 2021 10:27 am More likely watch it on TV.
I'm gutted too Ian. It's not on TV either, the date change was because Brentford's previous game was televised, apparently.

Hookey stream will be the only option.

rab_rant wrote on 19 Oct 2021 12:04 pm

He has scored 32 goals in his senior career... and 244 games. Born 1993 so no spring chicken...and we already have Bate from Chelsea.
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Irish Ian wrote on 19 Oct 2021 10:27 am

Morning all.

I was one of those sat waiting yesterday and came up empty.. Then add insult to injury Leeds allowed the DAY of the Brentford game to be changed which has scuppered my attempts for that game and of course I now have to forfeit my flights.

Now what do I do? Book more flights and HOPE I am one of the lucky few who could get on to purchase a couple of tickets for me and my mate who is also a member?? More likely watch it on TV.

Ironically our best chance of seeing a game is if the unthinkable happens and we are back welcoming Reading et al to Elland Road...

Leeds did their fans a dis-service when they extended the membership renewal / sign up date past their agreed deadline and in fact membership can STILL be purchased. The window on that was supposed to be closed at the end of August.

Somebody needs to come in this winter, even if we up our game and get a few points up the table.

Cant see him myself, English, big wage big transfer fee and then he would want games wouldn't he?

WhiteRose wrote on 19 Oct 2021 10:00 am

I saw Burnley linked with Barkley yesterday and thought that we should be all over it. But likely this is just the press making stuff up and what's the point when he will have to play in under 23's for weeks anyway, cant see him choosing to come to us.

Hay is completely right, those of us commenting during the game were saying the same thing: no interplay, no dominance and no swagger. I know it dosnt matter really but frustrating that we have lost all the plaudits from last season and Brentford and Palace are now the breath of fresh air and we have gone stale already!

Touts are just unscrupulous enterprising individuals providing a service for those with more money than sense, I get the evils of it but its like anything in short supply if people continue to pay the prices they are going to keep doing it the only way to fix it is for people not to buy them

Fixture changes over Christmas are a bit crazy, after this weekend looks like a while until we will have a 3pm Saturday slot