Is Sunday's game a MUST win?

29 Oct 2021 07:35 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Friday 29th October, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road…

Is Sunday's game a MUST win?

Would anything but a win be a disaster on Sunday? We will be more than a quarter of the way through the season (come 4pm on Sunday), and would have played against all five of the bottom teams (apart from Crystal Palace). If the worst were to happen, is it safe to assume we're in a relegation battle? Let's not forget that Sunday's opponents have the poorest form in the entire football league; surely a comprehensive win is on the cards?

PSG join race for Raphinha

Liverpool Fans had their noses put out of joint, after it was revealed that PSG have joined the race to sign Raphinha. Whining Merseysider's lit up Social media platforms to express their disgust, that another club should challenge them in their pursuit of the Brazilian wizard! Tabloid sources claim Naymar spoke to the hierarchy of the French Champions, strongly suggesting they should dig deep for the 24yo. Former Brazilian International Rivaldo is also a big fan of the Leeds winger, but he believes a move to Anfield would benefit Raphinha's career best.

Raphinha performed well on his debut for Brazil, but he was already shining in the Premier League with Leeds United and there are rumours of interest from Liverpool. If he were to make the move, he may not be a regular starter, but I'm sure it would be a big step in his career since it would allow him to compete for titles and play in the Champions League, which could be crucial for more call ups into the Brazilian national team. "He has the quality to player for a bigger club. "He is playing excellent football and a player always wants more and stronger challenges, so he would benefit from a transfer.

It has always been Leeds intention to introduce Joffy to first team football this season

It has always been Leeds intention to introduce Joe Gelhardt to first team football this season, according to Leeds journalist Phil Hay. He went on to say that the coaches at Thorp Arch wanted to take their time to develop the 19yo, and had a vigorous 12-month program to ensure he was in peak physical condition before introducing him to Premier League football.

Leeds had an initial 12-month programme for Gelhardt which would enhance his fitness, bring him up to speed with the Bielsa regime and develop him to a point where Bielsa could drip-feed him into the first team during the 2021-22 season. Pressure to blood him more quickly grew as Gelhardt pulled up trees with the development squad but this season was when Leeds wanted him to break through.

One of the things that appealed about Leeds was that there was no desperation in their approach. They wanted to sign Gelhardt and they worked hard to sell themselves but the presentation they gave him was not fawning or unduly flattering. As one source told The Athletic, there was no point in Orta replaying Gelhardt’s best moments because those moments spoke for themselves.

What Gelhardt got was a detailed explanation of how Leeds would improve him, where in his game that improvement would come and when first-team opportunities were likely to arise. It was realistic and Gelhardt’s camp agreed that launching him into Bielsa’s first-team last season might not be prudent. Leeds and Wigan were different worlds.

They spoke about Gelhardt’s body shape, the stocky build and low centre of gravity which drew comparisons with Wayne Rooney. They spoke a little about Carlos Tevez, who had the same sort of frame. Leicester City were attempting to seduce Gelhardt with an offer of their own but something about Elland Road felt right. He would have to be patient at Leeds.

He would not get a free pass. But he was close enough to the front line that when Championship clubs — Stoke City and Preston North End for two — started sniffing around the possibility of a loan deal in the most recent transfer window, Leeds said categorically that Gelhardt would not be allowed to leave.

Merson predicts shock result on Sunday

Former player, now pundit Paul Merson has predicted that Norwich will cause a sensational shock at the weekend, and record their first win of the season, at the expense of Leeds.

Leeds are a funny team. They went to Southampton and didn’t have a shot on target, and they needed a last-minute penalty against Wolves to scrap their way to a draw. Raphinha’s injury also comes as a massive blow to them. It’s a good time to play against Leeds, and Norwich could pull off a surprise this weekend.”

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John in Louisiana wrote on 29 Oct 2021 06:32 pm

Why would Raphinha go to Liverpool? As good as he is, I don't see him forcing either Mane or Salah out of the lineup.

Carrick Dave wrote on 29 Oct 2021 11:22 am

If we lose to Norwich we'd be 2 points ahead of them, definitely in a relegation scrap. As I said elsewhere, some of those around us are dropping points for sure, so a win will help our standing considerably. Must win? Yes, pivotal game.

Joffy needs an hour minimum, if he's doing well leave him on for the 90.

Merson? No comment.

Byebyegeegee wrote on 29 Oct 2021 11:16 am

“If the worst were to happen, is it safe to assume we're in a relegation battle?” I think it’s probably safe to say Ell, that even if we win on Sunday we are still in a relegation battle. In my opinion we would need another 2 or 3 straight wins after that to feel reasonably comfortable.

It’s a shame most commentators and pundits believe it is inevitable that Raphinha (and probably Joffy if the hype continues) will want a move to a “bigger club”. I really believed that once we got back to this level we would quickly progress to become one of those “bigger clubs” like we used to be 50 years ago and then again 30 years ago. Unfortunately, due in a large part to poor recruitment in the summer, that ambition has stalled. I know our Board see Leicester City (a selling club) as the ideal template to follow but, in truth, with the size of our local, national and international support we should be aiming higher.

The game has changed so much in the last 20 years and I suppose I might now have to accept that we will never again be able to challenge for the major trophies and that avoiding relegation year on year is as much as we can expect.

Hopefully, if the must win on Sunday comes to pass then my mood may be lifted a tad.

White Riot wrote on 29 Oct 2021 10:40 am

Must win, yes.

Raphinha hopefully some Megabucks Arabs, etc, take us over and we can keep hold of him. If we go down it'll be adiós amigos to him, KP, Meslier, etc. It's normal for a player as talented as him to want to play at the highest level as soon as possible. If we could stay up and offer him some massive wages for next season and keep hold of him then his price will rocket at the World Cup and we can then give PSG, Newcastle, Citeh, etc, a good reaming while they fight for his services.

Orta and the gang have done really well to get hold of Bate, Gelhardt, Summerville, Greenwood, McGurk, etc. Maybe this is the way to go for the future, rather than gambling on big signings like JKA, Costa, Rodrigo, Ben White for £50 mil, etc. At least at the moment we just can't afford expensive mistakes. I don't give Ben White a seconds thought when we've got talent like Struijk and Cresswell coming through.

Merson, just another halfwit for me on a par with all the other verbal diarrhea brigade. I much prefer to watch and listen to genuine football fans on YouTube like Kagey, Connor Mcgilligan, Joe Wainman, etc, as they are 100% Leeds supporters and speak from the heart 💓

White Riot wrote on 29 Oct 2021 10:10 am

WhiteRose wrote: Fri Oct 29, 2021 9:40 am Worrying thing is lawro has us down to win and he has been wrong pretty much every game this season, he has us second in the table based on his predictions! Merson is a sh1t gambler though so he is also likely wrong - probably damaging for him to even try predicting results so best he leaves well alone.
Two half-wits together mate.

If they were any good they'd be managing or coaching football, but their not.

Best just sticking to what they do best, talking absolute shite :lol: