We would have to sell one or two key players Radrizzani

24 Dec 2021 08:42 am, by Ellandback1

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We would have to sell one or two key players - Radrizzani

Leeds supremo Andrea Radrizzani has shocked the Leeds Utd community by admitting that he may have to sell one or two key players. The news comes following an interview with Global Media Corporation Forbes. The Italian businessman tried his best to normalise the situation, by using Leicester City's business model of selling talent, to balance the books as an example of living within our means.

Is it a coincidence that Radrizzani is talking of selling our Crown Jewels, a week before the transfer windows opens? I use the word Crown Jewels (Phillips, Raphinha and Meslier) as realistically they would be the only ones worth selling. We have a tiny squad, and any outgoing player would need a like for like replacement.

According to Radrizzani: “We would have to sell maybe one or two key players and buy other talents coming up, like Leicester have done in the past. We need to be humble and realistic with our means with how we want to grow as a club.”

I want a new contract. I’m very happy here - Phillips

Kalvin Phillips had an exclusive Interview with the Daily Mail's Craig Hope, during which the England International didn't hold back. Phillips will have delighted the Leeds faithful after stating that he is happy at Leeds and wants a new contract. Whilst nobody really knows what is going on behind the scenes at ER, it cannot be coincidence that Phillips would come out with such a blatant statement, less than 24 hours after Radrizzani's comments that one of two of Leeds key players may have to be sold.

Phillips also admitted that other Premiership 'teams have worked us out' but 'Bielsa is very stubborn'. Whilst many journalists have hinted at this, especially this season, this is the first time a player has openly admitted to this. Phillips further explained that because the players had played the same way for four years, it may be difficult for them to change tactics.

‘One of the main things is that we’ve now played every team before. We are not new any more. A lot of teams are coming to us and knowing how to play against us,’ ‘They are changing their formation two or three times every game, and it does cause us disruption in the way we play. There is a bit of confusion.

‘We’ve played like this for four years and I can honestly say we’re not doing as well as last year, but I also think we’ve been quite unlucky. Some games we’ve lost in the dying minutes, we maybe could have dealt with them better. ‘I’m not a person to blame people or blame the manager. I’m more a person who blames myself. I want to do as best as I possibly can for the team. But when I’m sat here injured I can’t do that.’

If rivals are picking holes in the system, though, is it not time for change? ‘No, we don’t change,’ ‘The Manager is very stubborn in the way that he plays. He knows what he wants to do. ‘To be honest, I don’t know how we’d do if we tried to change because we’ve played in a certain way for so long. I don’t know how well we’d take it on board.

‘We’ll just stick to what we know and work as hard as we can and play the way we do. It’s exciting football, not just for us, but the fans. We don’t want to defend for 90 minutes and try to nick a late winner. That’s not how we play.’ It is, in many ways, an admirable stance. We are quick to criticise managers who do seek to spoil the spectacle. But is it the best policy when it comes to achieving survival? ‘I’m not too sure, we’ll see how it goes,’

‘We weren’t the best team last year. We’re not the worst this year. We have a very good chance of staying up, once we correct a few things, like concentrating a little bit more at the end of a game. I think the points will start coming in.’ ‘I just want to focus on getting back fit,’ he says. ‘But I speak to the owner regularly. I want a new contract. I’m very happy here.’

Who would you part with?

Following Radrizzani's bombshell, if you were given a choice who you would part with, (if you had to make the choice) who would it be? To balance the decision, I've added Meslier, Struijk and Gelhardt together. What would be the bare minimum you would sell for?



Meslier, Struijk and Gelhardt

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Leeds1000 wrote on 26 Dec 2021 07:17 pm

Calm down calm down Radz is obviously referring to Costa, to recoup the money he wasted. He can't be on about Raph? I mean what kind of salesman advertises their most valuable asset 6 months in advance not knowing what league we will be in? No one is for sale at any cost. Except Costa.

Scoobychief wrote on 26 Dec 2021 11:53 am

read somewhere bayern munich interested in raphinha for 50m. and if that is true then defo radzs will snap their hands off this january and will pocket half and give 25m in transfers and orta will bring in around 2 absolute donkeys with the money.

DavidH wrote on 26 Dec 2021 12:17 am

We received £135 million last season for finishing 9th. Sheffield Utd was paid £91 million as the bottom club. We are guaranteed at least £91 million this season in that case. We purchased players to the value of £130 million over the last two years. Why do we need to sell?

The owner will be aware that his asset is only worth top dollar if we remain in the Premiership. For that reason, I do not see any sales in January, as they are all needed to protect our Premiership status and his prime asset.

It wouldn't surprise me however, if players were sold in the summer, to radically change the team. Maybe Bielsa has told the directors this is his last season with us, and the radical makeover will come with a new manager, with a different playing style. Of course by then we could still be a premiership team, and look forward to another £100 million plus payday.

LeeBrook wrote on 25 Dec 2021 09:51 pm

Replacing one or two 'key' players with untried players seems an act of sheer vandalism.

Of course we could offload James, Harrison, Rodrigo, Roberts or Klich without it having a detrimental affect on the team.

Broad Ford wrote on 24 Dec 2021 11:41 pm

1964white wrote: Fri Dec 24, 2021 8:47 pm We've been here previously.

Flogging your best players leads to a downward spiral.

Wouldn't selling key players reduce the entertainment value for the paying spectator.
Would the fans object to having stars auctioned off only to then be replaced by those guilty of under performing, after failing to land targeted replacements?

As much as I liked Radz during the good times, I now feel that he may be abouts to abandon a sinking ship and to cash in his assets before this ship goes down. The honourable thing would be for the captain to be the last one into a life boat and by that I mean Radz and not calamity Cooper.

Should Radz jump ship after flogging a crown jewel or two, would the 49ers bail LUFC out before the big ship SS LUFC dips below the PL surface?

We'll soon see.