Bielsa could be back in Management by the weekend

21 Jun 2022 08:08 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Tuesday 21st June, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Bielsa could be back in Management by the weekend

Marcelo Bielsa could return to Football Management this week with La Liga outfit Athletic Bilbao; though much will depend on the club's forthcoming Presidential election on Friday. Businessman and life-long Lions fan, Inaki Arechabaleta, is one of three candidates standing, and has promised to reinstate the 66 year old should he win the ballot. This would be Bielsa's second stint at the San Mamés Stadium. He enjoyed a two-year spell between 2011-13 during which time he reached the finals of both the Copa del Rey and the Europa League (knocking out Manchester Utd on the way).

Bielsa has been out of work since being given his marching orders from Elland Road at the end of February. He was offered the Burnley role after Sean Dyche was dismissed two weeks later, but decided against it, biding his time, for the right opportunity to emerge. Arechabaleta held a press conference yesterday, describing Bielsa as the most respected Coach in the World, and has promised fans that his ambition, quality and abilities would bring success back to Bilbao.

Bielsa is the most respected coach in the world. He is also a coach for the future, although in the past he gave us the best season of this century. “Bielsa has evolved since then and his ambition, quality and abilities are going to take us to the Athletic that we must become.

Traore not on Leeds wanted list

Adama Traoré is not on Leeds Utd's wanted list this Summer, according to journalist Beren Cross. The 26yo has long been linked to a move to West Yorkshire, partly because of the relationship he has with Victor Orta. The two remain good friends, ever since Orta bought him to 'The Riverside' six years ago. Traore's form has suffered at Wolves in recent times. He spent the second half of last season on loan at Barcelona where he made nine starts. They had the option to make the move permanent, but as we know, they only have eyes for Raphinha! According to Cross...

As it stands, Traore does not look like someone near the top of Orta's wanted lists. Evidently, there is a long-standing connection and relationship between them, but right now he is not someone Leeds are looking to bring in. The window has a long way to go and we cannot predict every little twist and turn, so who knows. If other targets evade Orta you could not rule out Traore being someone he likes later in the summer, but right now he's not understood to be one they are actively pursuing.

Orta has concerns about Lang's character

During a recent Q and A session on Leeds-Live, journalist Beren Cross admitted that Victor Orta rates Dutch winger Noa Lang but has grave concerns about his character. Lang was caught on video last year chanting that he would “rather die than be a Jew”. The reference, according to Belgian sports papers, was about supporters and players of Anderlecht, whom rival teams refer to as “Jews.” Lang took to social media to try to defend his actions...

My dad’s Surinamese and my mother’s Dutch. I know all about racism and bias,” he said. “I chanted enthusiastically with supporters I met for the first time after winning. As a former Ajax fan I know very well the soccer world’s nicknames. I did not mean to offend anyone. I’m done with the subject and won’t be revisiting it.

According to Cross, Orta will have to tread very carefully if he wants to bring Lang to Elland Road...

Lang is one Orta likes, but there's no suggestion anything is imminent on a move to Leeds. If his character is in question, this is the kind of research and scouting Orta has to do to ensure his additions work within the dressing room.

Caprile on the move

Leeds Utd goalkeeper Elia Caprile could be on his way out of Elland Road after it was revealed that Serie B outfit Bari have reached an agreement to buy the 20yo shot-stopper. He joined Leeds from Chievo Verona during the 2020 January transfer window for a minimal fee, but failed to impress for the Under 23's, and was replaced last season by Kristoffer Klaesson.

He was sent out on loan to Serie C outfit Pro Patria last August, where he caught the eye of several higher ranked Italian clubs including Bari. According to journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, terms have already been agreed between both clubs, and a move is expected to take place shortly.

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Rover wrote on 21 Jun 2022 07:00 pm

Good luck to MB he brought us good football, promotion and showed the players how to behave respectfully.

It seems unanimous that Traore is not welcome at LUFC. There is a caveat in the report that Orta may turn to him later in the summer if Raph goes. Am I the only fan that is worried in Orta's capability to waste whatever money we get for the in demand Brazilian?

Lang, like all racists, is a disgrace. He had the chance to apologise and chose not to. Some on here seem to want him despite his abhorrent views; he's meant to be a role mode, Bielsa may have taught the players a lesson in respect but it seems not all of the fans were listening.

Leeds1000 wrote on 21 Jun 2022 05:22 pm

If we go down this season atleast we know Bielsa is still available to get us back up if needed. He doesn't mind returning to former clubs.

Its the usual seasonal AT link.

The last kid we heard had attitude problems didn't hang around long. I think his name was Cuseince or something. People say stupid silly things throughout life its what makes us human. Didn't Gazza once play a flute in Scotland that got him a death threat.

Broad Ford wrote on 21 Jun 2022 04:12 pm

thatchapcarnell wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 9:40 am I'm not sure someone who takes part in anti-Semitic chanting should be seen as an anti-hero.

Leeds still suffers by reputation from the bad old days of the NF on the terraces, the Bowyer-Woodgate trial and Casilla's racism. Bringing this chap in seems like self-harm.
Mr Langs decision to no longer return to the subject is enough for me to believe that Leeds Utd should avoid his signature, along with him being frightened of discussing the matter any further. The song is about preferring not to be a jew, rather than him joining in anti semitism. Last year I recognised a chap demonstrating in Leeds centre about the treatment of Palestinians in occupied territories. After chatting for an hour or so he advised me that the Palestinian arabs also speak a semitic language meaning that to discriminate on ethnic grounds against an Arab semitic speaking people is anti-semitic in itself, yet alleged discrimination has continued for decades!

Casilla's situation was also unfair because his use of negro is Spanish for black, but offence is taken when a none black uses black to describe a black person. Why wasn't BLM ever called racist, anti-semitic when they began to form groups throughout the USA with different US groups attacking whites wearing BLM shirts and others using language that outraged the Jewish community? Is this why celebrity BLM is all that the media reports on today?

This subject is like quick sand and easy to get bogged down in, so best stick to signing players rather than mixing politics into football thinking it may enhance the games image.

1964white wrote on 21 Jun 2022 03:34 pm

SG90 wrote: Tue Jun 21, 2022 2:05 pm Good luck to him. Has Kenny bought a season ticket yet? 🤔
I doubt there are any available.

BlackHillsPaul wrote on 21 Jun 2022 02:49 pm

It sounds like Bielsa is interested in the project at Athletic Club Bilbao. Of course he has been there before. But there is still the matter of a Board Election before any of this can happen. And that election will need to break in a certain way. If it does happen I'll be watching more La Liga for sure.