Time's Up, Radrizzani: Leeds United's Need for a New Direction

22 May 2023 11:03 am, by YorkshireSquare

I’ve been generally supportive of the current board and Andrea Radrizzani over the years. Compared to previous regimes, they have exhibited a level of sanity and achieved some measure of success, albeit not a difficult feat. I will forever be grateful to them for bringing Marcelo Bielsa on board, as he guided us through three glorious years of unparalleled football. It was a courageous decision to extract Leeds United from the clutches of the Championship after a seemingly eternal 16-year period, and that boldness paid off.

However, since our promotion, all we have received from them are empty promises. The anticipated investment, both on and off the pitch, has failed to materialize. We have not built upon the foundations laid by Bielsa, nor have we tasted the sweet allure of European football. Regrettably, not a single shovel has broken the ground in the development of our amazing new stadium, a facility befitting the Premier League. Instead, we are left with a feeble squad meandering towards the Championship while Radrizzani scours Italy for his next plaything.

Our esteemed Chairman has long harbored a desire to acquire an Italian club, and this inclination has only grown stronger as the fortunes at Elland Road have waned. He was incessantly linked to a potential purchase of the struggling Serie A side Salernitana throughout 2021. In April of this year, Bloomberg reported that Radrizzani's Aser Ventures group was contemplating a bid for the renowned Italian giants, Inter Milan. As a Milan native, the Whites owner was rumored to be part of an investment consortium plotting a €1 billion takeover.

And now, in the very week when Leeds United teetered on the brink of relegation back to the Championship, Andrea Radrizzani has made a "binding offer to buy Sampdoria" as part of a consortium prepared to inject a minimum of €55 million into the club immediately. Sampdoria, already condemned to relegation weeks ago, finds itself in dire financial straits, with time rapidly dwindling towards the May 30th deadline to settle debts, including €13.5 million in outstanding player wages. Failure to do so would result in their exclusion from the 2023-24 Serie B season.

While Leeds flounder on the pitch, devoid of fighting spirit, without a permanent manager, director of football, or head of recruitment, our so-called "leader" is gallivanting in Italy, seemingly oblivious to the desperate state and future of our current football club. It has been evident for quite some time that Radrizzani lacks the financial resources to fully support Leeds United in the Premier League, which is why he brought in the 49ers Enterprises. The course was set for this summer: if Leeds United retained their Premier League status, the 49ers would complete a £420 million takeover, leaving Radrizzani free to pursue his Italian dreams.

But with our Premier League status now hanging by a thread, that deal is dead in the water, potentially costing Radrizzani a staggering £170 million. Indecision and internal conflicts have led us to this dire situation. With the 49ers displaying a lack of full commitment and Radrizzani fixated elsewhere, Leeds has floundered and appears destined to crash out of the Premier League. The time has come to resolve the ownership dilemma, enabling the club to adequately prepare for the upcoming season. We require owners who are fully devoted, with unwavering focus on our beloved club. Radrizzani must step down swiftly, before his already tarnished legacy suffers even further.

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rioseylee wrote on 24 May 2023 01:46 pm

radrizaani and orta should have walked and sold up three seasons ago , but greed and their own egos took over , the farcical investment policy of trying to stay up on the cheap and buying players nowhere no good enough have caused the situation we are in now . no stability or planning for the future . it was exactly the same in the championship until bielsa came along , but before long the cracks began to appear because of lack of investment in the squad , and bielsas stubbornness on insisting on a small squad , while running players who were simply not good enough in to the ground, with murderball practice sessions, and an injury list as long as your arm which were commonplace at the time .

far more quality players should have been added along with a far larger squad , if his methods of all out attacking football were going to perrsist , most of this current squad aint fit for purpose and the few players of any value will be flogged once again to cover the shortfall of premier league money that ultimately was all radrizaani cared about . he will make a profit on his investment , but nowhere near the amount he would have made if he had invested properly and not had orta buying players who apart from a couple of expectations were a complete dead loss . overpriced garbage , which was a regular occurence even back in the championship .

the future looks very bleak a new ownership which nobody knows who they will be as the 49ers are not guaranteed to be by any means , the usual change of manager and virtually a new squad , lessons have never been learned for far too many years now

andrewjohnsmith wrote on 22 May 2023 09:48 pm

Are we assuming that because Radrizzani is shopping around in Italy, that he has given up on Leeds.

It would appear that way. We don't have a DOF to rally the troops. You'd think Radz would be inside ER every day. Panicking over the price of his investment. Almost as if he's resigned himself to relegation and a sale way below his initial hopes.

Clearly time for him to go now. Clearly time for someone more committed to our club to takeover. And the sooner the better. We need a board in place. We need recruitment in place. We need a manager. We need a coaching team.

Might have been telling that both Gracia and Alladyce were only given contracts until the end of season. Maybe hinting at a change of ownership and new direction at the end of the season.

Kennyb41 wrote on 22 May 2023 09:46 pm

Kennyb41 wrote: Mon May 22, 2023 9:38 pm There is only one reason we went up, Bert.

And there is only one reason we came down, we sacked Bert.

Kennyb41 wrote on 22 May 2023 09:38 pm

There is only one reason we went up.

And there is only one reason we came down.


pjm2019 wrote on 22 May 2023 07:54 pm

On next sunday evening we will all know which division we are going to be in next season. The very next day we need new owners or if we go down Radrizzani to confirm he will stay on and start investing in a new manager, DOF and players who can play championship football, part of this is to sell lots of current players