Farke rubbishes tiredness suggestion

06 Feb 2024 08:56 am, by Ellandback1

Good Morning. It's Tuesday 6th February, and here are the latest headlines from Elland Road...

Farke rubbishes tiredness suggestion

Daniel Farke has rubbished reports about his players suffering from tiredness. The Leeds gaffer was chatting with journalists during his pre-match press conference, when the topic was bought up, much to the annoyance of the big German. According to Farke, there's an element of psychology; if you talk about tiredness, the players could believe it, which then may have an effect their performances.

Sports science has progressed a lot in the last few years. Frequent tests are performed to ensure the squad are performing to their maximum capacity, without the risk of burnout, allowing players to play for longer with less risk of fatigue. Farke also argued that by resting a player, it may disrupt their rhythm, and that the squad are used to delivering every three days.

If you speak too much about it (tiredness), the players believe it's actually real. When you started to play football it was because you wanted to play football. When we were all younger we wanted to play every day. Our parents and grandparents, aunties and uncles, couldn't tell us, 'No, you're tired, you can't play football.'

Every football player loves to play football and there are lots of coaching and support staff nowadays to make sure you're ready. We want to win every football game and I'm never tired to be in a football game because this is what we are all about. We love this sport, we are addicted to the sport.

In terms of the load, we need to find a good balance. These players are used to delivering every three days and sometimes a break can stop your rhythm. Sometimes it's beneficial to let a player stay in his rhythm but it all depends on each individual – how much load he had before and how much he will probably have afterwards. It's always about finding a good balance in team selection.

Lefty Leeds

42% of Leeds attacking play come down the left channel, more than any other club in the Championship. The data, compiled by 'Whoscored.com shows Lefty Leeds leading the way ahead of Norwich, Southampton, QPR and West Brom, with much credit obviously going to Crysencio Summerville.

Junior Firpo needs to take some kudos too. In just 546 minutes of game time, the 27yo has already notched up four assists, three more than Archie Gray who has seen considerably more action. Just 31% of Leeds attacking play comes down the right, placing them joint last, but make the top five (5th) when threatening down the middle.

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The Subhuman wrote on 07 Feb 2024 10:08 am

John in Louisiana wrote: Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:36 pm Not to mention Rod Laver, the greatest of them all.
Ken Rosewall was probably my favourite tennis player of all time, an artist, all finnesse and skill, not so much power. Naturally a leftie, though taught to play with his right... his anticipation was second to none and played from 15 - 43 with no breaks over three decades ... Still ranked in the top 20 at 43 when he retired ..

weasel wrote on 07 Feb 2024 09:54 am

andrewjohnsmith wrote: Wed Feb 07, 2024 2:31 am My read is that we intentionally play down the left. The way we work both flanks is different too. It's usually long balls and speed down to James on the right. Doesn't give everyone else chance to catch up. Summerville is much more skillful so we start from deeper positions on the left. He'll cut inside a lot more too, giving Firpo time to make the overlapping run out wide.
One thing to take into account is what James and Summerville do on their wings. If the amount of attacking play is determined by how much time the ball is spent in those areas then we see with Summerville that he holds onto the ball a lot more, will do one twos etc so we keep the ball on the left quite a lot whereas on the right because of Dan James's rapid pace we see him being more direct and either crossing or shooting early rather than the jockeying with the ball.

Kennyb41 wrote on 07 Feb 2024 08:04 am

Tiredness ?

We play our next game at home at 3pm on Saturday the 10th February, as i write this it's 8am on Weds morning, so that's over 3 FULL days to get ready for 1 hour 30 mins of work.

June 6th 1944 - Troops had to drag themselves somehow out of the water, climb cliffs wet thru, avoid death for hours, fight, regroup and get ready to go again for weeks on end.

On a tin of corned dog and no stats.

John in Louisiana wrote on 07 Feb 2024 03:34 am

andrewjohnsmith wrote: Wed Feb 07, 2024 2:36 am And Rocky Balboa

andrewjohnsmith wrote on 07 Feb 2024 02:36 am

John in Louisiana wrote: Tue Feb 06, 2024 4:36 pm Not to mention Rod Laver, the greatest of them all.
And Rocky Balboa