Heidi's Blog - Bamford and Gnonto Seal Victory Over Wednesday

09 Mar 2024 04:09 am, by Lufcheidi

Sheffield Wednesday v Leeds United | 8th March 2024 | Hillsborough

When I was due to leave home, twice I had to go back into the house, first for my car keys and secondly for my house keys. As I said on my reel this morning, my mum who I miss dearly and with Mother’s Day being this weekend that hits home, she used to tell me I would forget my head if it was loose. It looks like some things will never change then. I couldn’t believe how windy it was when I got to Elland Road, and it was freezing. With it being so cold at the game, Sheffield Wednesday missed out on a lot of money at half time as everything was shut. Now I could understand them selling no more beer but what about hot food and hot drinks? As someone pointed out to me, they hadn’t eaten beforehand expecting to get something at the ground which obviously didn’t happen.

On speaking to a head steward outside our coach after the game at first, he said, that it was because they had to shut the bars as Leeds fans had been causing trouble and trying to pinch the beer. When I said that I was on the concourse until just before kick-off in the upper tier and saw nothing of the sort, he responded by telling me I had to make sure that everyone knew the truth then! It wouldn’t be the first club to accuse us of doing something we hadn’t done, but then I thought maybe it was down to cost cutting. Who knows, but no doubt someone will tell me if they know anything different. I hope the Leeds fan who was taken ill within the first 10 minutes of the game was ok as First Aiders/Stewards were were them for a good 10 minutes in the lower tier. Also a word of congratulations for one of our regular attendees from Norway, Terje Hansen, who was seeing his 700 live game today.

As someone mentioned earlier that Sheffield Wednesday would rugby tackle us, that was one of the first things they did. After that though, they took the bull by the horns and took the game to Leeds. I knew it was going to be a tough one today and as I pointed out earlier, it doesn’t matter where anyone is in the table. They are just another team in this division, and we have to forget about them and concentrate on ourselves. I’ll give Wednesday their due because they bombarded our defence with constant attacking, putting us under pressure so many times. Meslier made a point blank save with his feet for them to win a corner and keep them out. Rutter managed to get past the defence and his first effort was saved by the keeper and the second one kicked away. It got very nervy at times from a fan perspective, and it showed as some choice words came out of my lips which always happens when I get nervous at a game. I did shout out that patience was the key and we needed to get past their defence which turned out to be the case. Just at the end of injury time in the first half, Leeds did indeed get past their defence. Bamford turned a Firpo cross into the net at the far end of the ground to send us into the lead against the run of play. What a relief and excellent timing I would say.

In the second half Rutter again saw his shot saved by the keeper. Leeds were playing some good football now and Bamford shielded the ball, passed to Rutter, who sent a first time pass out to Gnonto on the left of us. Gnonto then sent a fantastic shot into the net in front of the delirious Leeds fans as the team celebrated with the fans on the bottom tier. Gnonto then put Summerville clean through in the penalty area and once again the keeper saved the shot. Sheffield Wednesday weren’t giving up still though and sent a long range shot that Meslier saved, then spilled but managed to get his hands to the ball. They got enough power on the ball to kick it out of his hands but luckily for us Ampadu was on the line to kick the ball away. That was close, but showed the game wasn’t over and we couldn’t rest on our laurels. If they got one goal back, I felt sure they would get another with them not giving up.

As the game got nearer to full time, I went to get my flag from near the corner flag at the right of us and started to relax. When the final whistle blew the Leeds fans had been singing Leeds are going up and Wednesday are going down. A Rotherham fan I saw earlier in the day at our pub stop really wanted us to beat them today, so she got her wish as well as us. I’m positive they read my blog after the Huddersfield game though (that’s a tongue in cheek comment), as I said then that if they had concentrated on playing football instead of time wasting and being so dirty, they would have got something out of the game. Although Sheffield Wednesday didn’t get that I’m pleased to say, they gave a good account of themselves. All in all, it was a great result away from home and I really like these Friday night games! What with Leicester and this one, we need more of them I’d say!

It was a shame to hear that after the game some Sheffield Wednesday fans reverted to chanting about Istanbul and the deaths of our two lads Chris and Kev who were murdered the night before the game. It was a horrible thing to happen to our lads and the families have suffered ever since and I wouldn’t wish the pain on anyone. I’ve heard a Rangers fan died last night after their game and a Brighton fan was stabbed before their game too, so it shows how precarious it is for any football fan to go and watch their team abroad. Don’t be that person that glorifies something so bad.

We have a break now until the Millwall game next week. The 17th of March will always hold special precious moments for me as that was the day my beautiful baby daughter Charlotte was born. Sadly, she was only on this earth for a very short time due to an undiagnosed heart condition, but she will never be forgotten and will always be in our hearts.

See you then, LUFC – Marching on Together!

Leeds won the game 2-0 with goals from Bamford (45) and Gnonto (58)

Team: Meslier, Ampadu, Rodon, Firpo, Gray, Bamford, Summerville, Rutter, Gnonto, Kamara, Gruev

Subs: Roberts for Summerville (83), James for Gnonto (83), Joseph for Bamford (83), Piroe for Rutter (88), Byram for Firpo (90+2)

Unused Subs: Darlow, Cooper, Cresswell, Gelhardt

Attendance: 30,032 (3,869 Leeds Fans)
Referee: Sam Allison
Booked: Ampadu

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Lufcheidi wrote: Sat Mar 09, 2024 6:57 pm Thank you.
Fantastic support from Terje as always and he is on the left of this photo
Certainly is Heidi. :tup:

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Not wanting to be yelled at will post this in general

But the big bold bloke is possibly Gretar Steinsson

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