Norwich told to be brave against 'flaky' Leeds

09 May 2024 07:58 am, by Ellandback1

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Norwich told to be brave against 'flaky' Leeds

Former Norwich City and England Striker Chris Sutton doesn't see a reason why his former club can't reach the play-off final at the expense of Leeds Utd. The 51 year old forward started his career at Carrow Road, and went on to make 102 appearances for the East Anglian outfit. He believes that due to a loss of form, Leeds are vulnerable, and if the Canaries are brave, there is no reason why they can't upset the odds, and book a Wembley showdown with either Southampton or West Brom.

Leeds will try to be expansive, but Norwich needs to be brave and try to exploit them. We cannot have two legs of the same approach deployed away at Leicester. This isn't a time to shirk; it's about stepping up and being brave. Everyone knows what is at stake - go and play.

There is a greater pressure on Leeds. I used to love playing at Elland Road because of its atmosphere, but that can have a detrimental effect on players because they will be nervous after what's happened at the back end of this season. If Norwich can take a lead into the second leg, I think the Leeds fanbase could turn and be edgy. If I was in the dressing room as a City player, I'd be really fancying this one. What an opportunity.

It's an added opportunity that it's Daniel Farke. Yes, he's well-liked and respected in Norfolk, but you still want to put him away - especially after two defeats in the regular campaign. Leeds have a vulnerability. Norwich can go into it knowing this is a team that has been flaky and they have to prey on that. They got walloped by QPR, Middlesbrough put three past them Blackburn nicked a win at Elland Road, Coventry beat them, Sunderland got a point against them.

Why can't Norwich? That is what they should be saying: 'Why not us? Why not now?'. Farke will be really concerned about their drop off in performances. I'm not sure it's going to be that easy to lift them back up. If you're a Leeds player, you're not going into this game with a spring in your step.

When the going has got tough and competitive at the end of the season, they've fallen away and lost their nerve a bit. That is something that Norwich should be trying to use to their benefit in the play-offs. I even think that Leeds beating Norwich twice this season may not be a bad thing. If I were a player in that dressing room, I'd be thinking that it's about time we beat them'. They are capable of doing so.

What next season in the Championship would look like for Leeds

Leeds will need to cut their cloth accordingly next season if they fail to win the play-offs, according to Elland Road journalist Phil Hay. Although not in a position of promotion or bust just yet, they will need to sell some of their better players to balance the books, and stay the right side of Financial Fair Play! Leeds have never been good at negotiations, and for every Kalvin Phillips, there's several Helder Costa's or Jean-Kevin Augustine's!

Last Summer's deserters get to run down another year of their contracts, most of whom we (Leeds) do not receive a single penny for, in way of a loan fee, and with para-shoot payments dropping from £44m to £35m, the club will have no option but to part with their Crown Jewells! By selling Crysencio Summerville, the club can expect to recoup in the region of £40m, and £25m for Wilfred Gnonto. They will do everything in their power to keep hold of Archie Gray, though an offer between £35m-£40m could prove too tempting to turn down!

The 49ers did not categorise their first year of ownership at Leeds as promotion or bust. They were rational about the possibility of having to play a longer game and, in private, they speak about potentially controlling the club for a decade or more. But there is no disputing that failure to win these play-offs would bring on some hard decisions.

The club have had one of the biggest playing budgets in the Championship this season, a legacy of the Premier League wage bill they were relegated with last May, the first injection of Premier League parachute payments and the 49ers’ willingness to spend in the transfer market.

Year two back in the Championship would alter the landscape. The standard annual parachute payment for a club’s second year after relegation drops from around £44million to £35m. Leeds’ ‘acceptable loss’ limit under PSR would change from £83m to £61m over a three-year cycle, on the basis that permitted annual losses are lower in the EFL. Wiggle-room becomes considerably smaller.

Some players might actively ask to move on if Leeds aren’t promoted. Some, like the Championship’s player of the year Crysencio Summerville, offer a route to big fees and substantial amounts of profit, a key factor in balancing the books in line with PSR limits. Archie Gray, the 18-year-old midfielder, is Leeds’ most valuable asset but there is no public-relations upside in listening to offers for the best academy graduate they have produced in years. Gray, in any case, has only recently signed a new contract to 2028.

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Cjay wrote on 10 May 2024 12:14 pm

If we perform how we've performed basically since February we won't get through the playoffs.

For me aside from the results it's big for Farke and the players to put in a proper performance.

Even through the running run it was less than convincing.

Results didn't tell the whole story, could easily have drawn or even lost those.

The drop off in performancs have been coming and then over the last 8 the results caught up.

So I think performance is massive (as well as the result of course).

And that is again why I don't subscribe to the "well he got 90 points definitely stays on" narrative.

If we perform poorly in the playoffs and meekly surrender then it's 1 win in 10 and maybe 1 or 2 good performances in 15+.

For me that is a record that needs more than the very narrow "well yeah but 90 points".

Marsch had a similar "yeah well he kept us up" and we know how that went.

So I think performance is huge for us in the playoffs, results most important but more long term thinking I think a vast improvement in performance is needed from players and manager.

Ending the season without promotion is poor, ending it in the manner we have been for the last few months would require a very hard think I'd hope from the board.

Please perform well.

Sean_Nile wrote on 10 May 2024 06:06 am

Glen Hoddle has been in touch with Daniel Farke and has given some advice from Eileen Drewery that would benefit the Leeds football team. She said they needed a bonding experiance, and suggested a spiritul retreat at the Findhorn foundation in scotland.

The team gathered at a serene retreat nestled in nature's embrace, far from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Surrounded by towering trees and tranquil streams, they embraced mindfulness as they prepared for their upcoming crucial match.

Morning sessions commenced with yoga and meditation, fostering mental clarity and emotional balance. Discussions on unity, empathy, and inclusivity formed the core of their team-building exercises, emphasizing the power of collective consciousness in achieving their goals both on and off the field.

Nutrition workshops introduced plant-based diets, promoting sustainable living and optimal athletic performance. They savored organic, locally sourced meals, mindful of their carbon footprint. Bonding over wholesome food, they forged deeper connections, strengthening their sense of community and purpose.

As twilight painted the sky with hues of custard and pink, so reminiscent of their away strip, the shaman who had been instructing them said the colours in the sky were a good omen. They gathered around a bonfire, sharing stories and aspirations. Each player spoke of their commitment to social justice and equity, finding inspiration in each other's journeys. With hearts aligned and spirits rejuvenated, they retired to their lodgings, ready to tackle the challenges that awaited them with compassion, resilience, and a newfound sense of enlightenment.

Daniel slept well knowing his team were well prepared for the Norwich game. He dreamt of cats on roller skates.

The Subhuman wrote on 09 May 2024 07:33 pm

I think we'll beat Norwich if Farke gets it right.. Then fingers crossed WBA take out Southampton for us

Rook wrote on 09 May 2024 05:11 pm

I reckon it's written in the stars that these buggers will beat us.

Certainly feels that way to me. :(

Overman wrote on 09 May 2024 12:38 pm

Scoobychief wrote: Thu May 09, 2024 9:55 am So if Norwich are told to be brave because we are flaky. Then Lord Farquaad needs to tell his troops to grow a pair and make sure of promotion because nothing else will be acceptable
Farke needs to show his tactical nous to this around. There's no two ways about it, when it really mattered, the side has capitulated.

This is not taking away the responsibility of the palyers either. To a man they need to step up, take accountability and give everything they've got for these next few games.