Bielsa to blame

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Bielsa to blame

Post by Cjay » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:42 pm

I know questioning King Marcelo is frowned upon.

Rightly so to a point, he has done a great job with what he has.

And very pleased to have him, faults an all :)

But the complaints about the squad, the depth, the quality etc.

All fingers pointed at Radz.

Demanding he back Bielsa and saying he didnt back Bielsa in the summer.

Does that overlook one accepted fact.

Bielsa wouldn't be here if he wasnt happy and the club didnt do what he asked.

Make no mistake Bielsa doesnt just do what he is told.

He walked away from Lazio because they didnt do what he wanted.

He walked away from Marseille after 1 game of a new season after disagreements about the squad.

And even Bilbao a huge part of what ended his time there was transfer disagreements.

Bielsa was studying the squad long before he arrived, he watched lots of matches.

He will have said what he did and didnt want. There will have been compromises, Vieira to get Bamford, but Bielsa isnt known for being very flexible.

He likes a small squad, we have a small squad.

He has a habit of taking a liking to certain players like most managers.

4 names mentioned in the summer that Bielsa liked were Dallas, Phillips and Cooper and Berardi as cbs.

So do we have to accept that the squad we have is in all truth down to the manager mainly?

If so we cant really be cross at Radz. (The club wanted a cb in the summer, Bielsa didnt)

As manager Bielsa should pick his players.

At the same time if it goes tits up then we and he will only have 1 person to blame.

Bielsa himself?

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