Marcelo's presser - 6/12/18

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Marcelo's presser - 6/12/18

Post by 1964white » Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:55 pm

Bielsa on the busy schedule:

"I'm not worried about it. In professional football if you play twice a week, it's normal. Playing during Christmas time is a tradition of English football, and I always think we need to keep the traditions as they add value."

Bielsa on his squad:

"I'm very happy with the group of players that I have, and the players that Victor Orta has brought in. The inclusion of the Academy players is also very important."

Bielsa on a captain

I never designate the captain. I never choose the captain. For me, the captain represents his team-mates. The natural thing to do is the captain has to be chosen by his team-mates.

Captain usually has been in the club for many years, but for me, the players have to choose their captain.

Bielsa on Halme

He has done balanced games. He is duty player. He does what the team needs from him. He took his responsibilities when he had to play instead of Cooper. It was a tough game and he gave a good performance.

Bielsa on Goalkeeper

Actually, in football, what is possible doesn’t always become a reality. Before giving any information I prefer to be sure about what I am saying. I can’t be sure about buying a goalkeeper, even if we take into account losing a great ‘keeper like Blackman.

Bielsa on Coyle situation

We will make the analysis according to what Victor Orta proposes. AS a matter f fact, the only player we lost for the season is Jamal Blackman.

And the players we have, I’m very happy with and the players Victor Orta brought to the club. The contribution of the players from the academy is very important.

I don’t see the need to bring any other player in now. If it’s a player better than the one we have I would agree with the fact he comes, but I know how expensive that could be.

Bielsa on injuries

"The solutions we are finding allow us to stay optimistic. Thanks to the Academy, the young players amongst the first-team contribute to the resolution of our needs."

Ayling will be back this month. Berardi and Cooper it will be at the end of January or beginning of February. Dallas and Pearce will be back in the following weeks. Bamford and Brown are available now(!). When a new player comes he doesn’t have the same advantage as the ones who are present. He has to adapt to the team, the style of work, the city, the club.

For the second part of the season, when you buy a player it has an impact on the club finances because the big players are not easily available. Apart from the situation where the team needs someone, the possibility of having a player is clear, we won’t buy anyone.

I prefer instead of buying to improve the quality of the work because the team usually reflects the quality of the players’ individualities, but it’s also linked to the training they receive and you also can improve a team when you improve the equipment.

Bielsa on seeing youths come in?

I am happy for them. I am happy for the academy as it is an important part of the club. We are too much demanding with the youngsters. The preparation of a youngster is more flexible than the prep of an experienced player.

The fact we very demanding with them and this allows them to be part of the first team is a very positive situation. The experienced players have a knowledge when it is about choosing, among the youths, the one they want to have in the first team.

For me, the support the youths get from the experienced players is very positive. They have, the youths, need to have the approval of the experienced players to fit well in the first team.

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