Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

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Re: Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

Post by rab_rant »

gessa wrote: Tue Dec 03, 2019 10:19 am We have a kettle you can set to switch off at 70-80-90 or 100° and the coffee certainly is better when set to either 80 or 90, -100° burns the granules/ leaves and spoils the flavour

I got my masters degree in microbiology and we used to have to autoclave growth medium
to make sure it was sterile for growing cultures on. The autoclave process uses high temperatures
and pressures to kill of any bacteria, but it also drives of any disolved oxygen... and it is the oxygen in
the water that gives a "Bright" tea instead of a "dull" tea. perhaps a way to overcome this oxygen
deficiency is to have "high tea" where the tea is poured from a high height into the cup in the hope that
the turbulance will incorporate oxygen into the tea as it is poured. Or the whisking of Matcha green tea
is to incorporate more oxygen.
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Re: Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

Post by paddy parrott »

Think I'll just bake the Scones rab.
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Re: Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

Post by faaip »

Boil the kettle, if it doesn't come fully to the boil then the tea taste is affected
Allow the water to come off the boil for about a minute
If tea bags then tea bag and sugar/sweetener if needed, in first, followed by the water. Never ever pour boiling water on milk, it curdles it slightly
If making via a tea pot then milk in first.
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Re: Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

Post by becchio bear »

Not particularly bothered regarding tea, I drink it black and very very weak, I quite like Nescafe Azera Intenso as an instant coffee and Tassimo cappuccino for my machine. :bear:
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Re: Your favourite brand of COFFEE & TEA

Post by Haighy »

Yorkshire Tea. Not just because I'm a proud Yorkie, but I've tried the rest and they aren't as good.. 🤔👍
Coffee I can't stand,, gives me the craps... 😡😰
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