Coronavirus Government Update - Warning Sweary

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Coronavirus Government Update - Warning Sweary

Post by Ratscoot » Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:02 am

We watch this most days but yesterday the reporters made my blood boil :rant:

They all asked the following two questions in slightly different ways but essentially the same questions that received the same answers but at the end of this I’ve put the answers Dominic Raab co wanted to give

1. Will the government explain the planned exit from Lockdown once we are over the peak of Coronavirus

A. We need to concentrate on fighting this virus and we don’t want to confuse the issue by talking about any exit plans

2. Shouldn’t the Prime Minister stop working and concentrate on getting over his illness because surely he’s not able to do his job properly

A. Boris has discussed this with his expert health care professionals who have advised he is currently able to continue, he is allowing others to take on some of his work and if his healthcare team advise him to, he will with draw - which he has done now hope he gets well soon

What they really wanted to say - you could see it on their faces

Alternative Answer 1. We need to spend our time and resources on battling this illness, f’ing idiots are still going out in groups and partying, don’t you think if we start talking about a Lockdown exit these and more will take it as permission to go out - by the fourth time this was asked they wanted to add are you totally f’ing stupid you twat

Alternative Answer 2. Yes he should but like most people he will do his best during these trying times plus we all know full well if he did go off sick you f**kers would be moaning that surely he should be working, other political parties would be demanding a general election and you’ll have photographers glued to windows trying to get a picture of him goosing a nurse - by the fourth time this was asked they wanted to add are you totally f’ing stupid you twat

Rant over feel better now ;-)
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Re: Coronavirus Government Update - Warning Sweary

Post by hector » Tue Apr 07, 2020 8:15 am

:rol: :rol:
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Re: Coronavirus Government Update - Warning Sweary

Post by weasel » Tue Apr 07, 2020 10:52 am

The trouble is that no country seems to have developed an exit plan. As such people are left in a state of limbo and become so depressed at there being no light at the end of tunnel that people will eventually crack. There needs to be an exit strategy cos all we have at the moment is delaying tactics as at no matter what point society gets back to normal the virus won't simply have gone away so if say 90% of the population hasn't caught it well do those 90% have to stay in lockdown forever because as soon as people mingle then a second wave will sweep across the country/world and this would just be repeated until a point where everyone had caught it or everyone who hadn't caught it had been vaccinated.
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