Unpopular football opinions

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Unpopular football opinions

Post by Cjay »

(Stolen from another forum).

The place to express any footballing opinions you hold (LUFC related or not) that you think may be unpopular or controversial.

So i will start.

I dont think Liverpool are a great side.

Fully deserve the title but are fortunate to have VAR (nobody knows how many more or less points other teams of the past would have had).

But even more so, they are benefiting from the weakest Premier League in ages.

Case in point, ive gone back 8 or 9 Premier league seasons and only once would the 57 points Manchester City have in 2nd and 53 points Leicester have in 3rd be enough.

Thats not normally enough for those positions.

70,62 and 62 are the last 3 points totals for sides in 2nd place at this time of the season.

61,60 and 58 for 3rd.

And its the same story for 6th, Wolves have 43 points, last season 6th placed had 57.

The lowest points total for 4th over the previous 3 seasons was 56, Chelsea have 48 incidentally.

Nothing against Liverpool, fully deserve the title, but imo fortunate timing has played a large part.

Anyone got any? :)
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Re: Unpopular football opinions

Post by mav »

I care less about the natural talent a player has, more for how much they get out of that talent.

I would rather have a team of hard working average players than a superstar strolling around.
Every game I predict a 3 - 1 Leeds win, I am traditional like that.
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Re: Unpopular football opinions

Post by faaip »

I think everyone knows my unpopular opinion so I'll leave that well alone
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