Bielsa'a Press Conference Today

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Bielsa'a Press Conference Today

Post by 1964white » Tue Jul 07, 2020 12:47 pm

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Team news

Probably Dallas and Costa play. Today they trained normally. In case they are not able to play, Douglas and Alioski are going to play instead

Dallas - Douglas had a good game - preference for Dallas?
In this period of nine matches we know every team is going to need at least 15 or 16 players, the important thing is when we have to do a sub, the player who goes onto the pitch has a positive performance. This is the most important thing of the games Douglas, Pablo, Alioski have done.

Analysis system - ranking system - players exceeding expectations?

In some matches yes, and in other matches no. In some moments of some matches we play better and in some moments a little bit worse. From the four matches we played against Cardiff we didn’t deserve to lose, second half against Fulham we justified our win, match we draw was the match where we should have won clearly, against Blackburn the performance was very good.

Stoke improved - what has changed coaching wise since Jones left?

Trying to complete the last question, I said our performance was more than good, but not very good.
This question: offensive play of the opponent is one of the more positive points of the opponent. All the features that have impact in one team I link with the impact of the manager of the team. The manager gets their players looking better than they are. They can show their characteristics, abilities.

We know players are the most important in football. The manager’s job is to try and make all the players work collectively to try for every player to show what they can.

How has training adapted with this schedule?

The training is shorter. Less training. We need to consider as the most important the recovery period. We need to respect them. After was the time and energy the players have left. Try to choose the more important thing to train regarding the next match. We have two seasons together with the players. There are no big things to modify. Always we have things to correct.

How do you keep the players relaxed?
I don’t think our players are relaxed. There is a competitive tension. This is very important. All of us know which is the ideal mood to compete. Players know about that more than anyone. They are free to build their mood regarding the match.

Sorry the fans cannot be at these games?

All the society had to adapt to an unexpected situation. This reality forced everyone to do things they don’t usually do in the past. After you have things more important than others in a new way to believe in. About the football passion, something very important for the supporters in particular. This is linked with the individual reality of each person. Each person has a reality, and every person suffers for the reality he has around him. After football, the football passion doesn’t have the same meaning for every person. I feel sorry our fans won’t be with us in the stadium. For us, and for them because they enjoy being with us.

What have you learned from this period of your life? Nearly 100 matches here
Happy experience I have been pleased to live. I had to work with British players and European players. Those players interpret the professionalism in a way that is very important to him. I like to work with this kind of professional players with this kind of professional behaviour. After the city and the club are ideal because everyone loves the club a lot and the football. This is very attractive as well. On the other hand I worked here in a very professional and serious structure.

That's all from Bielsa

Quick line on Augustin during that - Bielsa said they weighed up the Augustin situation once his loan had ended and felt it was more convenient to send him back to Leipzig than keep him here.

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Re: Bielsa'a Press Conference Today

Post by Irish Ian » Tue Jul 07, 2020 2:22 pm

Nice to hear he retains his feel for the city.

It is hard to imagine that in four weeks he could be gone!

The players will never be forgiven if they let him down this time.

Stoke a real Jeckyll and Hyde team.... Stoke coming at us will one the one hand be helpul but out defending has at times been iffy.

Stoke won at West Brom, at Leeds (albeit in a pen shootout) and beat Fulham at home.
'We can wait for the next game with serenity'

'I am quite clear in my mind that one has to feel sincere love for those he leads, and if he doesn't feel it naturally, then he must learn how to feel it' Marcelo Bielsa

'Would he kill his granny to win a match?' Bobby Collins

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