Case for the Defence

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Case for the Defence

Post by Cjay »

Seems to be this growing idea that we are a defensive accident waiting to happen.

Far to open, easy to catch on the break.

I dont think thats true, in fact it does our team down.

The fact is we are an attacking team, we defend by attacking.

We arent like Wolves, Burnley, Villa etc, we are a possession based attacking side not a defensively solid counter attacking side.

Its far easier to counter than it is to do what we do.

Its safer to.

We are top 6 for possession.

Our shots against is high but thats distorted by playing Man City and Liverpool who unsurprisingly average the most shots per game.

Take them out and we are midtable for shots against and from open play of teams with more than 50% possession only Man City and Spurs have conceded less and we average less than a goal a game.

4 goals from open play conceded doesnt suggest an easy to get at team at all, but for a lucky deflection it would have been 3.

I think we deserve more credit for our ability to get men back and block shots and what not. Its not easy to do and most teams in the league arent as good at it as we are.

Anyone can sit back and soak up pressure, but to play on the front foot while only conceding 4 goals (less than a goal a game) from open play is very impressive imo and it deserves more recognition.

Only 4 teams have conceded less from open play and only 2 of those dare to try and attack more than defend :)
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Re: Case for the Defence

Post by mothbanquet »

For a newly-promoted club (remember?) we're light years ahead of where we should expect to be based on current performances. Good post Cjay.
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Re: Case for the Defence

Post by Smudge3920 »

Excellent post CJ... I made a new rule, no more post on game day post match... allowing 24 hours to process before making comment from now on...
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