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Match Thread Fitness & Conditioning

Post by Smudge3920 »

Looking at the game stats v Villians, and yet again Leeds ran over 6 kilometres more than the Villians/opponents (116 to 109). Along with fitness comes stamina, they go hand in hand but are not necassairly the same, For many years now I have always believed that the 3 hardest (team) sports that require both are;
1... Ice Hockey
2... Rugby
3... Aussie rules

Bielsa has got me rethinking somewhat, he has got this Leeds team so fit, it is already starting to show in the prem. As well as the cardiovascular side of it, he has to be someway improving the physical and mental capability to play at such an intense rate stamina wise.
My rational for the 3 sports I picked are fundementally because of the actual amount of physical contact to overcome, Football does not have to worry about that so much...
Is it out of the question that we could see a Leeds outfield 10 each pushing close to a half marathon a game?...or are we just about at the peak now?

It is one of the more interesting stats to watch for me ...(if you had not picked up yet I am not a total stats lover :roflmao: )
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