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Player Ratings v Everton (a) - Anymore Ratings?

Post by 1964white »

Poveda N/A
Costa N/A
Rodrigo N/A
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by faaip »

Meslier - 8 - Top quality GKing with one error to knock it down a touch
Ayling - 7 - Usual high energy game from Luke
Koch - 7 - Solid though did get caught at least once
Cooper - 5 - Several errors for me today any of which could have seen a different result
Alioski - 8 - His defending has come on leaps and bounds and has the ability to pop uo anywhere.
Phillips - 9 - Some quality passing from him today, I'd like to see more effort when he loses possession to get back though
Klich - 8 - Another quality game from our #1 player
Harrison - 8 - Good game from Jack, great movement and runs to get in the box for his chances and his defending is as good as anyones
Dallas - 7 - Not a central mid for me and I'm not sure he played there today, seemed to be working the flanks as a third winger most of the time
Bamford -
Raphinha - 9 - Classy footballer who just needs to fully integrate, great finish for the goal and some lovely vision throughout

Rodrigo - 6 - Nice touch to set up Costa
Poveda - 7 - Looks a handful and opened Everton up to set up Costa
Costa - 7 - Did alright I thought in limited action, seemed to need to adjust for his last second goal attempt which gave the Everton defence time to react
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by Fridge »

Meslier - 8.5
Ayling - 7
Koch - 7
Cooper - 5.5
Alioski - 7.5
Phillips - 9.5 MOTM
Klich - 6.5
Dallas - 8
Harrison - 8
Raphinha - 8.5
Bamford - 7.5
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by Leeds1000 »

Meslier 8: Outstanding performance again. Good shot stopper, brave, good distribution & Collects well in the air. As good as anything in the PL so far for me.

Ayling 8: After a shaky start Luke settled back into his old rhythms of none stop running and great link up play. Glad to see Ayling have a good game.

Koch 8: Back to that calm assurance today from Robin. When he's on it, he makes things look easy. When Everton got in behind stayed on his feet.

Cooper 8: Another good performance from Coops. A couple of cracking cross filed balls to boot. He does look slow at times and let a ball pass him that he should have kicked. Lovely professional foul at the end showing his experience.

Alioski 8: A busy performance again from Alio, not quite as good as the other day but between him & Dallas i had no idea where either was playing at times. It really is a joy to watch the constant changing of positions by this side.

Phillips 9: Outstanding. Showed everything today that has propelled him into the England team. Strong, accurate passing, tackling, energy... what a player Phillips is.

Dallas 8: Dallas was playing in every position again. CM, LB, RB, LM, RM this guy epitomizes the spirit of Bielsa. A polished diamond who will run thru a brick wall for his team mates.

Raphinha 9: This boy has got talent. He is a step up on anything we have at the club for me in terms of raw ability. He will get us some crucial goals like today. I love his pace and his commitment to drive forward with the ball. A great scout by the club.

Klich 8: Mr reliable. He's like a good pinball machine Klich when he's on it everything bounces too and from him. Needs to rediscover his shooting boots.

Harrison 8: Back to something like himself today Jack. Unlucky with the header and a constant menace down both sides. Should have scored early on for me.

Bamford 7: Hardworking as usual, his performance deserved a goal, but he didn't get one again. Unlucky with the off side when he slotted it in. I think Bielsa left him on to try and equal the record. Rodrigo is waiting in the wings.
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by andrewjohnsmith »

Meslier 9

A couple of really good saves. Looked confident and commanding in the box throughout. One awful pass to James but other than that never put a foot wrong. Looks a top-class premier league keeper already

Ayling 7

Lots of freedom going forward in the 1st half, used it really well, but maybe left us a little exposed at the back. Solid in the 2nd half as he and Koch really shut Richarlison out of the game. Showed versatility moving into a back 3 later

Koch 9

Perfect game from him and never a hair out of place. Not only does he defend well, his anticipation and advancement of play are real quality

Cooper 7

Looks out of his depth at times and I think he's losing his voice at the back a little. Seems to know there's much more quality than him on the pitch and it seems to have quietened him a little from what we saw last season. That said he had a relatively easy game today and did nothing wrong

Alioski 8

Lively and energetic as ever from Ali. Kind of telling though that he started at LB then swapped with Dallas as it was obvious he was leaving us a little exposed. He's a nightmare for the opposition going forward as he always seems first to the loose balls and has great pace to hit them on the counter

Phillips 9

Brilliant game from Kalvin. Much of his best work is done quietly. He fills all the holes across the back, At times he was colossal, keeping 3 attacking midfielders in check. His transitional play and creativity going forward were spot on today

Klich 7

Busy as heavier with his clever flicks and creativity. Had another off-day with his shooting again. If he gets back to what he can do with his edge of the box shooting, we'd have buried both the last two opponents

Dallas 7

Like Klich, another busy game, but not doing anything spectacular. His versatility is tremendous, seamlessly alternating with Alioski at times and playing MC, LB, and RB during the game.

Harrison 8

He had a tremendous game on the wing. His first touch and way he takes people on are sublime. Header off the post was unlucky but he should have buried his other 2 chances. Filled in really well at the defensive end later in the game.

Raphinha 9

He was breathtaking at times especially in the first half. Quieter in the 2nd but still had a few brilliant touches. That back flick in the box took everyone by surprise and really took his goal well. (Along with Rodrigo) he's that extra x-factor that makes us a premier league team.

Bamford 7

Most credit is for his work rate today. You'd think he'd be knackered but he was complaining at being subbed in the 90th minute. He offers a great deal upfront. Had a couple of chances, but nothing where you'd say he should have scored.

Poveda had another good run out but not enough to rate. Costa should have killed the game.
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by Smudge3920 »

Another clean sheet... can live with one error in a game.

Classic Luke game, reliable left it all on the park.

Does his job so well, without fanfare. a real craftsman.

An excellent all round team effort help disguise some of Coops failings today, looked a little slow at times.

Alioski all over the park again today, non stop effort and his link up play with Dallas was sublime.

Deserves all his praise, outstanding today real inspiration.

See above (Alioski)

Always nice when you have one of those Barzilians in your team that gives you that little extra... and I am convinced there is so much more to come MotM.

Klich......7 A steady game , reliable, seems to have the monkey on his back with shooting at the moment, it will pass.

Jack is winning me back, the last 3 games seems an improvement on the last one, if he can find the consistency with his end product, perfection... he definately wanted a goal today.

Another excellent performance by Paddy, another goal disallowed.

Poveda N/A
Costa N/A
Rodrigo N/A
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by John in Louisiana »

Meslier - 9 - Stood on his head all game. We lose without him.
Ayling - 7 - All over the place in a very good way
Koch - 7 - Soild, and bailed Cooper once or twice
Cooper - 6 - Pretty ineffectual against a first-rate front three
Alioski - 8 - Fantastic game. His work rate is insane. Just keeps getting better.
Phillips - 9 - Brilliant. Without him we're looking at another Leicester. Hemakes life so much easier for Cooper and Koch.
Klich - 8 - Everywhere he needed to be whenever he was needed.
Harrison - 7.5 - Unlucky not to score on his header. Ran their defenders ragged
Dallas - 7.5 - Our most versatile player.
Bamford - 7 - Played well, and very unlucky not to have scored. Another one of those "he did all those other little things" games
Raphinha - 9 - MOTM for me. Dominant throughout.

Rodrigo - 7 - Hope we get to see much more of him in the very near future.
Poveda - 7 - A tired defender's worst nightmare.
Costa - 6.5 - Decent job in limited action
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a)

Post by Ratscoot »

Meslier - 8 - Excellent gives confidence to the back 4
Ayling - 7.5 - Never stops running, Southgate must be considering him
Koch - 7 - Soild
Cooper - 6 - Looking like League 1 Cooper, hope he picks up his game soon but another clean sheet
Alioski - 8 - great game and great to see him getting game time as I was worried he might loose out this season
Phillips - 9.5 - MOTM ran the game, some of his passing was amazing
Klich - 7.5 - Played really well but we just expect that now a days
Harrison - 8 - must score soon surely, him and Ali terrorised Everton’s defence down the left
Dallas - 7.5 - Mr Dependant
Bamford - 7 - Played ok, perhaps should have scored but for Pickford, didn’t like his hissy fit when taken off
Raphinha - 9 - scored a great goal, terrorised Everton all game and some absolute quality touches

Rodrigo - 6.5 - played ok when he came on
Poveda - 7 - What a great sub to be able to bring on, always going forward and is scared of no one
Costa - 6 - Not on long but could have scored , again down to Pickford
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a) - Anymore Ratings?

Post by Chilli D »

Meslier - 8
Ayling - 7
Koch - 7.5
Cooper - 6
Alioski - 8
Raphinha - 9
Phillips - 9
Klich - 8
Dallas - 7
Harrison - 7.5
Bamford - 6

Poveda - 7
Costa - 5
Rodrigo n/a
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a) - Anymore Ratings?

Post by 1964white »

9 Meslier
8 Ayling
8 Koch
6 Cooper
8 Alioski
9.5 Phillips :star:
8 Dallas
9.5 Raphinha :star:
8 Klich
7.5 Harrison
7 Bamford

You can't truly rate the subs as they came on far too late to dish out high or low scores
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Re: Player Ratings v Everton (a) - Anymore Ratings?

Post by Lumiukko »

Meslier - 9
Outstanding game and looks assured. Great saves, and except for one pass to James, great distribution.

Ayling - 7
Full of energy and did all that was asked of him including slotting into a back 3 near the end. Looked a threat when he got forward.

Koch - 7
Good performance and reads the game very well. Still needs to work on his aerial defending in set pieces.

Cooper - 6.5
I love Liam and he certainly does a job for us but he gave away (and generally does give away in most games) some needless fouls in dangerous areas and I do think he's not first choice once (if!) we get Llorente playing and up to speed.

Alioski - 7
Never stopped running and popped up all over the place making him a nightmare for the opposition. Clearly has worked on his defensive game has two or three of our clean sheets now have involved Ali who has defended well. Clearly hasn't worked on staying on-side though :lol:

Raphinha - 8.5
Amazing player we have here. Do not underestimate that goal, where he couldn't find a pass but fooled the defenders into thinking he was going for one. This guy will be worth twice his value at the season end. Going into my fantasy team (at 5.4mill, a snip).

Phillips - 9
My MOTM. His long range passing was as good as anything I've seen in the PL and he was always looking to move the ball forward. His workrate in protecting the back four was also invaluable. Very few players can do the defensive work and attacking work that he can do.

Klich - 8
Still first name on the teamsheet for me. Never stops disrupting play, starting attacks, and rarely gets tackled off the ball. Unusually off song with his shooting of late but expect that to be circumstantial.

Dallas - 7
Did a brilliant job in the middle. Never noticed until I saw his stats from the game that he created several chances as well. Just goes about his business.

Harrison - 7.5
Great first touch yesterday and could have had three goals. I really wish Jack would just fix his end product as he's such a hard worker.

Bamford - 6
Could have scored a couple but was quite quiet in attack, but ran his socks off. Can't fault him for taking the shot on from Ayling as any goal poacher would do the same. Marked down 0.5 for his petulance at the end of the game.

Poveda - 6.5
Tricky player and did a bunch of hard work that could've led to a goal.

Costa - 6
Wasn't on for long but could have had a goal. I suspect if he was up to game speed he may have taken the shot without taking a touch first which enabled Pickford to save.

Rodrigo - N/A
Not on long enough to merit a rating. Would love to have seen him earlier for Bamford, and we may have if Raphinha hadn't scored when he did as that changed Bielsa's game management plan.
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