Half term report

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Half term report

Post by Cjay »

Have reached the half way point in the season now.

So marks out of 10 plus any other thoughts on the players, staff, season so far etc.

Player and staff comments under the name of the relevant person, general comments at the bottom :)

Kiko Casilla-

Illan Meslier -

Luke Ayling -

Stuart Dallas-

Jamie Shackleton -

Gianni Alioski -

Leif Davis -

Liam Cooper -

Pascal Struijk -

Kalvin Phillips -

Mateusz Klich -

Pablo Hernandez -

Jack Harrison -

Tyler Roberts -

Ian Poveda -

Patrick Bamford-

New signings

Diego Llorente -

Robin Koch -

Rodrigo -

Raphinha -


Marcelo Bielsa -

Tactics -

Selection -

Overall performance -

Victor Orta -


Performances -

Results -

General comments on the season -
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Re: Half term report

Post by Maltawhite »

Kiko Casilla- 1 time to go..

Illan Meslier -9

Luke Ayling -9

Stuart Dallas-8

Jamie Shackleton -7

Gianni Alioski -6.5

Leif Davis -5

Liam Cooper -7

Pascal Struijk -7

Kalvin Phillips -8

Mateusz Klich -5

Pablo Hernandez -5

Jack Harrison -7

Tyler Roberts -3

Ian Poveda -5

Patrick Bamford-8

New signings

Diego Llorente -2

Robin Koch -7

Rodrigo -8

Raphinha -10 except that back pass yesterday


Marcelo Bielsa -9

Tactics -7 need to sort the defense!

Selection - 8

Overall performance -7

Victor Orta -7


Performances - mostly good but it's putting me into an early grave

Results - largely happy.

General comments on the season - still proud how well most the team are doing on the step up. Also loving how a lot of our pundit doubters are liking us so much now.
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Re: Half term report

Post by Smudge3920 »

Kiko Casilla- 3...Not been easy for him since his ban, do not see away back for him at the club.

Illan Meslier 9...Literally thrown in at the deep end, could so easily have ruined any confidence he had, but stepped up to the plate, and has turned into a franchise player with an exceptional future in store.

Luke Ayling 8...Under MB has listened, learned and developed into the kind of player managers and fans equeally love, reliable combined with non stop effort , even when playing below his best.

Stuart Dallas 7...Our very own (era) Paul Madeley, accepts any role given to him and more often than not turns in a great shift.

Jamie Shackleton 6...So much potential, worth hanging onto, but if we can get new blood in think a loan would really benefit him.

Gianni Alioski 6...Not an easy year for him, MB tasked him with LB duties, not a position suited to him (or his size) but he has accepted the responsibility and his effort warrants respect, his best ability, running at defences and running other FB's ragged are overshadowed by his defensive duties...definately would retain as a bench player.

Leif Davis Unfair to rate him with so little 1st team time...but definately (IMO) one for the future.

Liam Cooper 7... Puts in the effort of a teenager, whilst fighting the dreaded age thing, some erratic play this year, but bench player is definately in his future.

Pascal Struijk 7...has to be allowed to play his natural position. A player who we can build around defensively and is (IMO) going to be a mainstay in the future.

Kalvin Phillips 9... What can we say that has not already been said, erratic performances of late, but (IMO) not down to him fully, the expectations we place on him are so demanding it will from time to time effect his play.

Mateusz Klich 7...Our very own "energiser bunny, non stop effort, as an AMF he needs to be getting on the scoresheet more.

Pablo Hernandez 5... Always emotional when such a popular player comes to the end, (IMO) the writing is on the wall for Pablo, I would love to see him stay with the club in some form of coaching position.

Jack Harrison 8...the difference 19 games can make. I have a completely different outlook on Jack than I did at the start of the season...the future is bright for him and us ...really starting to show his potential.

Tyler Roberts 4...Difficult one to gauge for me, lots of effort and shows some ability at times...definately think he would improve through a loan to a decent side.

Ian Poveda 5...Love his fearlessness, but his size for me is a concern, but on his day with the ball at his feet he is a joy to watch.

Patrick Bamford 8... Stepped up to the plate, silenced his critics (well most of them)...All strikers go through rough patches Paddy will overcome the current one.

New signings

Diego Llorente Unfair to rate him due to injuries...once he gets a good run when recovered I am convinced he will be an asset...his last season with his previous club he was sensational...Injuries always raise alarm bells.

Robin Koch 8... Even based on his limited game time untill injury, has proved what a rock he will be when back.

Rodrigo 8... Superb addition, brings so much to the table next season I think we will see the true Rodrigo just flying every game.

Raphinha 9...pushing a 10 as his performances get better every game...we will have a lot of pressure from the big clubs come the summer, but we have to keep hold of him.


Marcelo Bielsa 9/10...What can you say about what this man has done and brought to the club and the City...Excellence in the extreme...I hope he has at least another 3 years at the club.

Tactics Tactics are based on your (long term) strategy, MB is without doubt a tactical genius. Given the style of play he asks for, the long and disrupting injury problems and the fact we ask so many players to play at a different level...I have nothing but praise.

Selection 8/9...So many factors involved when making a team selection...Very hard to do (unless you have 11 players all equally performing) but so easy to critisise...MB more often than not get's it right.

Overall performance 8...Given the step up, and constantly having the players play 2 grades above their pay grade... nothing really to complain about...(although we do :) )

Victor Orta 7...Tough job, easy to come under fire as the saying goes "you can please some of the people etc etc"


Performances - Its a roller coaster for sure, but loving the ride.

Results - TBF ...TBF better than I expected at this point.

General comments on the season ...Very proud of the whole set up from Radz down...our future is definately bright...MOT
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Re: Half term report

Post by Lumiukko »

Kiko Casilla- 3 - Played twice, having a stinker in one, but OK in the other. Sadly collecting a lot of wages for someone who makes everyone including the defence nervy. Move on as soon as we can and replace.

Illan Meslier - 9 - Going to be France's #1 in a few years. Stepped up and pulled off some outrageous saves. A lot of learning still needed but defiintely a natural.

Luke Ayling - 8 - Not out of his place in the PL, though lacks the pace sometimes. Important to note he's played near half of his games out of position at CB so taking that into account he's done well.

Stuart Dallas - 7.5 - Every team needs a utility player like Dallas. Reliable, versatile, energetic, and very likable.What we would have done without him this season I don't know.

Jamie Shackleton - 6 - Definitely a lot of potential but needs to learn the trade a bit more. Agree with Smudge, needs to go out on loan to a team with guaranteed minutes as soon as we have new blood.

Gianni Alioski - 6 - Alioski is a bit like Dallas. Asked to play in LB position which is not his position. Great going forward, the less we say about defending the better. His versatility is useful, has a goal in him, and a must keep as a squad player.

Leif Davis - N/A - Not really had chance to play, so difficult to rate. Could benefit from loan minutes to see where he's at.

Liam Cooper - 7 - Done a solid job but sometimes looks nervous with the step-up. I can see Cooper being moved more to the bench next season.

Pascal Struijk - 7 - I'm grading him here on playing CB, his natural position where he's been good this season. Not sure he can cut it at DM and it's not his position so should not be downgraded on that. Will see more minutes this season at CB now due to Llorente's injury and we can then properly grade him come season's end.

Kalvin Phillips - 8 - Struggled at times with the work he's been asked to do with too much to cover. When we've managed to control the game he's been incredible. Mixed season but the class is there to see. Needs more help for consistency. Also want to see him cut out the needless yellow cards.

Mateusz Klich - 7 - Started amazing but faded fast. Can only think he's knackered after playing 90 minutes for 2.5 seasons with hardly a break. We need Klich back to his best and to re-find his shooting boots.

Pablo Hernandez - 5 - This is tough. Not had too many minutes and not really shown what he can do when played. Did get two assists at home to Newcastle with quick thinking passes on transition and we know he still has the brain, sadly not the legs. Probably Pablo's last season with us. :cry:

Jack Harrison - 7.5 - Jack has really stepped up this season and I'm also one who thinks he has a good future. Still needs to work on his crossing and finishing, but he seems eager to learn and can never fault his effort.

Tyler Roberts - 5.5 - Was a 5 but added .5 for his last two subs performances. Was used at #10 a few times which is not his position, and looks much better coming in as a forward. Needs a loan for guaranteed minutes to really kick-on.

Ian Poveda - 5 - Can't fault his effort but seems lightweight and no real end product. Needs to beef up in the gym. Small isn't an issue but needs to be strong on the ball. Not sure he would like a loan but I feel that would benefit him.

Patrick Bamford - 8 - Not withstanding his lack of scoring of late (he's always streaky), he really acquitted himself well to the PL. Can't fault all his work, even when he's off form. Fantasy Premier League points tell you how well he's done as a forward man this term. Would still like to see a proper #9 competition for him.

[Costa] - 3 - Someone missed him here? Started the season amazing but went missing fast. A bit lightweight, and seems to lack confidence. May need to move on for his future.

New signings

Diego Llorente - N/A - So unlucky, and feel for him. I think it was Kalvin who said a few weeks ago that he is a real baller in training, so I am hopeful next season he will be back, strong, and a mainstay.

Robin Koch - 7 - Thought he was just finding his feet after a steady but unlucky start to his life in the PL, before he got injured. He'll be back as a mainstay next season, and young enough to improve a lot more.

Rodrigo - 8 - I think Rodrigo struggled with long Covid so we may yet get to see his best. Class on the ball, can turn on a sixpence, and starting to build up an understanding with Rapha. Key player for next season.

Raphinha - 10 - Player of the season so far. Will struggle to keep him this summer but we must.


Marcelo Bielsa -9 - Working wonders with what he's got. Continued his class into the PL showing his decorum with his after-match words with Steve Bruce last night.

Tactics - 8 - Bielsa has been hamstrung by injuries and a small squad, so has played the best he can with what he's got. Marked down by 1 as he needs to gain control of the midfield more now teams have worked out to bulldoze straight through there. I'm sure he's trying to address it though.

Selection - 7 - Again, he's not really had selection dilemmas when he's had so many injuries. Playing Struijk as DM is not one I wish to see him repeat anytime soon.

Overall performance - 8 - Lads have done us all proud.

Victor Orta - 7 - Fair's fair. Rapha has been a revelation, Llorente sadly injury prone. Rodders and Koch in-between but on the better end of things.


Performances - 9 - How can you ask for more from a mainly Championship level team acquitting themselves well at mid-table in the PL? Had these been elite players it wouldn't be a score of 9.

Results - Mixed bag, but we're generally beating the teams we need to, and that's those below us. Some bonus results like Man City, and we could have drawn at Anfield, beat Arsenal, and a non-called PK away at Chelsea which could've earned us a draw as it would have changed the game.

General comments on the season - Nearly there to securing PL status which is the ONLY goal. THE ONLY WAY IS UP. As a note, where I mention loans, these would be dependent on fresh blood coming in.
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