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Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by 1964white »

7.9 71.0 Ayling :star:
7.9 71.0 Dallas :star:
7.7 69.5 Llorente
7.8 70.0 Struijk
7.6 68.5 Phillips
7.2 65.0 Harrison
6.9 45,5 Poveda (sub 8 ratings)
6.8 61.5 Meslier
6.6 59.0 Alioski
6.6 59.0 Roberts
6.6 59.0 Bamford
5.3 48.0 Costa
Klich (not applicable)
Hernandez (not applicable)
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by Leeds1000 »

Meslier 7: I was just thinking to myself when he kicked the ball straight at a Liverpool player he had not given the ball away tonight and with Liverpools high press it was some achievement. Flapped at a cross or two but other than that used to ball really well and a couple of routine saves to make.

Ayling 8: Solid game from our stand in captain. Got done down the flanks a few times. It must have been something Liverpool worked on running the channels i lost count how many times they turned us with a simple ball over the top. Got forward really well second half.

Llorente 8: Not his best game defensively especially first half, lost Jota on a corner and i'm not sure who was supposed to be marking mane for their goal? Got better has the game wore on and showed his desire to get his head their for the goal. I was made up for the lad.

Struijk 8: A bit shaky at times defensively but how well did he ping them long balls out to the wing on a few occasions. Still alot more to come i feel.

Alioski 8: Another solid display from Alio. Linked attack really well and made some excellent last ditch tackles. Shame he got booked.

Phillips 7: Never got into the game first half there just wasn't any space to play in and when we did get the ball we passed it backwards. Grew into the game with the rest of the team when Lpl tired second half.

Costa 5: Didn't really cut it for me again i am afraid.

Dallas 8: I thought Dallas was the best Leeds player by a mile first half. Defensively decent and tried to get things going in attack. Showed his versatility reverting back to LB second half.

Roberts 7: I don't know what to make of this kid. He will have me screaming at the TV one minute then produce a moment of quality the next. I guess he is playing for his future. Should have scored with his chance just lacked that bit of composure and confidence.

Harrison 7: Like Costa frustrated the hell out of me first half it was like we didn't have any attacking intent. Credit Liverpool i guess but it was frustrating. Lost his man for their goal but when we got on top played aswell as anyone, unlucky not to score and put in some decent crosses.

Bamford 6: Just not happening for Pads at the minute. The one he bought down and clipped the crossbar would have been a top goal.

Poveda 7: I thought the kid looked really bright when he came on. Its only a cameo i'm just not sure he's up to the required standard time will tell but he did well i thought tonight.

Great to see Pablo getting a rare run out.
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by Byebyegeegee »

Meslier - the usual one or two hairy moments but some sharp saves - 7
Ayling - nonstop again from our Captain for the night - 8
Llorente - 1st class performance culminating in a set piece goal - 9 motm
Struijk - great game defensively and some of his passing is sublime - 8.5
Alioski - some good things, some not so good things as usual, all in all ok - 7
Phillips - earned his corn in the 1st half when we we under pressure, another excellent performance overall - 8.5
Dallas - not quite as effective as he has been recently but easily good enough - 8
Costa - once again a bit lightweight for our man to man marking style, we need better - 6
Roberts - reasonable tonight but marked down half a point because he should have scored with a guilt edged chance - 7
Bamford - runs forever but again missed a couple of good chances - 7
Harrison - super little performance, both offensively and defensively rounded off with a perfect corner - 8
Poveda - at least matched Costa’s effort when he came on
Klich - ok
Pablo - great to see him on the pitch again
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by LUFC 1966 »

Meslier -6.5 couple of flaps and dodgy passes but otherwise exemplary
Ayling - 7.5 had Mane in his pocket and got forward well
Llorente -8 like everyone a bit tentative in the first half but grew as Leeds started to dominate
Struijk - 7.5 accomplished , rarely flustered .
Alioski - 7.5 bundle of energy - good block early on and helped keep pressure on in the second half
Phillips - 7 not his best performance but better than Thiago and Wijnaldum .
Costa - 5 no end product , lacks confidence to go past players
Dallas - 8 solid and consistent . Broke up some attacks with his endless running and slotted in easily at LB
Roberts - 6.5 Frustrates me dearly. Possesses an incisive pass but seems to lose the ball so often in good positions.
Harrison - 6.5 See above
Bamford - 7 gave the CB's a hard time and should have scored
Poveda - 6.5 would like to see more of him
Klich - 6.5 slots in seamlessly .
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by Chilli D »

Meslier 7
Ayling 9
Llorente 7.5
Struijk 7.5
Alioski 6.5
Costa 5
Phillips 8
Dallas 8
Harrison 7
Roberts 6
Bamford 6

Poveda 6
Klich 6
Hernandez n/a
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by faaip »

Meslier - 6.5 - Curates egg performance, he's going to have those though
Ayling - 7.5 - Top second half driving us foreword down our right
Alioski - 5.5 - Not his best work defensively and a yellow early too
Llorente - 6.5 - Redeemed by his first goal for us but not good in defence at all
Struijk - 8 - Very good game for me, some lovely distance passing with very solid no mistake defence
Phillips - 8.5 - Very very good first half, bit quieter in the second as we played in their half mostly
Dallas - 7 - Solid
Costa - 5 - Poor and wrong side I thought, so much better on the left
Harrison - 9.5 - MOTM for me capped with an excellent assist, deadly with those flashing crosses across the box, forced an excellent save, defended very well too
Roberts - 7 - Poor first half but a lot better in the second, lovely close control to set up Jack and some clever passing, defended well too, very calm.
Bamford - 6.5 - Hit the crossbar with a lovely piece of skill but outside of that he was very ineffective, very poor pass late when in great position

Poveda - 7
Klich - 6.5
Hernandez - 5.5 (missed the Klich run)
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by John in Louisiana »

Meslier - 6.5 - Shaky. If you're going to go to the edge of the 18-yard box you had better get the ball.
Ayling - 8 - Another stellar performance
Alioski - 6.5 - Had his hands full all night
Llorente - 7.5 - Not his best effort, but still pretty solid and scored the equaliser
Struijk - 7.5 - Kept it to gether under immense pressure in the first half.
Phillips - 7.5 -
Dallas - 7 -
Costa - 6 -
Harrison - 8 - Think he's earned his permanent place. Make it so.
Roberts - 6.5 - Outclassed at times, but hung in there admirably.
Bamford - 7 -

Poveda - 6.5
Klich - 6
Hernandez - 6
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h)

Post by 1964white »

7.0 Meslier
8.0 Ayling
7.5 Llorente
7.5 Struijk
5.0 Alioski
7.5 Phillips
4.0 Costa
8.0 Dallas
5.0 Roberts
7.5 Harrison
6.0 Bamford
5.0 Poveda
Klich (not applicable)
Hernandez (not applicable)
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h) 7 Ratings - Did only 7 members watch the game on Monday?

Post by Lumiukko »

Meslier - 7 - Steady, apart from a couple of wtf moments coming for the ball or passing to the opposition.

Ayling - 8 - Struggled first half like everyone, but second half stepped up and was involved frequently in going forward. Managed to win some clever free kicks when under pressure to relieve it a little.

Llorente - 7.5 - A couple of scary moments defending, but his ball control is sublime (think I saw two Cruyff turns by him whilst under pressure), and brought the ball wonderfully out of defence. Capped off with a fine header which i'd been expecting some time.

Struijk - 7.5 - Steady at the back and some very nice long passes. Stood up to the onslaught well in the first half.

Alioski - 6 - Would like to give him a bit more as he was energetic and made a couple of excellent tackles, but his positioning was found wanting at times including for the Liverpool goal.

Phillips - 7.5 - Was chasing a few shadows in the first half but second half started to dictate the tempo of the game.

Costa - 5.5 - Typical Costa, good one week then poor the next. He just couldn't get into the game and struggled with the Liverpool press.

Dallas - 8 - Everywhere as usual, energy and trying to get involved at all times. Played two positions in the game effectively. One of the few players to come through the first half with credit.

Roberts - 6 - Like Costa, typical Roberts (no consistency). Does some amazing stuff then does things which make you sigh. Should've buried that goal, just need to slot it near post. I feel like a goal could do wonders for his game.

Harrison - 8 - Solid showing from Harrison. Some lovely crosses and defensively sound.

Bamford - 6.5 - Should've had two goals but at least he's getting into the right positions and making the right runs. Solid game without standing out too much.

Poveda - 7 - The tempo and balance of the game changed when he came on. Not sure if Poveda was totally the reason, but he offered something different and looks for unusual passes (Pabloesque, without ever really completing them). Really ought to have an assist to his name but Roberts fluffed his lines. I think there is a future for Poveda but he needs a season loan in the Championship to toughen up and learn to nail that end product.
Klich (not applicable)
Hernandez (not applicable)
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Re: Player Ratings v Liverpool (h) 7 Ratings - Did only 8 members watch the game on Monday?

Post by andrewjohnsmith »

Sorry I'm late. Busy work week and finally got to watch the whole game

Meslier 7
Ayling 9
Llorente 9
Struijk 8
Alioski 7
Phillips 7
Costa 7
Dallas 9
Roberts 7
Harrison 8
Bamford 7
Poveda 6
Klich (not applicable)
Hernandez (not applicable)
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